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    Transformational Leadership Program to
    Become Your True Self and Live with Passion & Purpose

Step into the extraordinary in love and life

We believe that, for most people, the search for love, success and a meaningful life is about accessing inner resources through a process of self-discovery. Our challenge was to integrate the principles of positive depth psychology, eastern wisdom traditions and neuroscience into a coaching model that is accessible to anyone interested in transforming their life.

How would your life be different if you could access the full potential that lies within you?

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Debi and Dr. Rob Maldonado

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Can Love and Career Go Together?

You love to learn and want to grow personally and professionally. You know the key to finding the love of your life and being fulfilled in your career or life's work is by going inward.

What would be possible if you were able to reveal your true self?

  • Finding the Love of Your Life
  • Making your current relationship stronger
  • Finding your True Purpose and Mission
  • Growing your Purpose and Mission to another level of income and satisfaction
  • Being connected spiritually to every aspect of your life
  • Expressing your unique gifts and talents

Finding and Being the Love of Your Life

Do you feel stuck in your life, running into the same roadblocks in relationships and your career?

Do you want to find a love that lasts but also have big dreams to fulfill as well?

To find your soul-mate, you must first know your own soul. You need to BE the love of your life. The passion and purpose you seek is not only for a romantic partner but a way to express your personal mission to the world.

You want true love AND you want success, whether it is being a coach, entrepreneur, artist, inventor or other creative expression of your unique gifts and talents.

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Why you feel stuck...

The reason most people don't have the love or success they seek is that they are trying to create their life based on out-dated conditioning from their ego-self. Carl Jung gave us a map of the psyche that explains the journey from the ego-conditioned self to transcending to the True Self.

Your Ego-conditioning has created masks that you wear that you are not conscious of that limit your life and self-expression. If you don't become conscious of them, you will get more of the same results . You may even have small experiences of external success in love or business, but it is fleeting. The relationships don't last or the business and cash flow is in constant flux. You never feel like you are in control of your destiny. External events pull at you emotionally like a roller-coaster and fill you with anxiety.

You may seek spiritual wisdom, but most of what you hear makes you feel good temporarily until the next big setback enters your life. Your ego will make you feel that there is not enough love, money or time and is constantly giving power to everything outside of you.

You can be free of the masks of conditioning that has limited you and become conscious of your TRUE SELF.

Having the Love & Success You Want

Would you like to TRANSCEND into a new life experience and open your heart and mind to love and abundance that is your true nature?

If you can step outside of your past conditioning, you will experience:

  • Authentic Self-Expression
  • Finding the Love of Your Life
  • Deepening your Current Relationship
  • Better friendships and family relationships
  • Confidence to take steps toward your big dreams
  • Rediscovering your unique gifts and talents
  • More money and success
  • Inspiration and Creativity
  • Lasting happiness
  • Courage to take risks to go for what you really want in life
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"To rise above or go beyond"

Reaching your full potential

We stay true to the coaching model. We offer techniques and a process that helps a person reach their full potential. We do not see clients as broken or need for healing. Our approach is empowering for high-functioning individuals who want to focus forward and create the life they love without being held back by the past.

A spiritual psychology for life.

First Class Transformational Leadership Program
to Live with Passion & Purpose

Our core transformation program is designed to teach your the basics of the individuation process starting with your mindset and Jungian depth psychology including understand your ego/persona, integration of shadow, connecting with the Inner Adam (or Inner Eve) for healthier romantic relationships and expressing your true self in your career or work.

Program Length -Current Session through June 30, 2017

Participation: 100% Virtual Online Training - can be taken from anywhere in the world.

Next Training is Late Summer/Early Fall, 2017



Level 1 - Core Transformation

Module 1
Building a New Future
of Possibilities

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This module helps you understand the unconscious patterns that have kept you stuck and allow your true self to emerge so that you can start creating the love and success you want.

Module 2
Moving Beyond Past Limitations


This module helps you recognize the resistance to change within your mind. You will be empowered to use obstacles or setbacks as fuel to create something new in your life beyond past limitations.

Module 3
Authentic Self-Expression

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This module helps you find your unique voice and self-expression beyond the roles you have been taught to play so you can communicate your ideas with confidence. You will reveal the hidden parts of yourself that help you express your creativity and full potential.

Module 4
Reclaiming Your Inner Power

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This module helps you understand the psychology of emotions and reclaim your emotional power to direct your destiny in love and life.

Module 5
Cultivating Loving Relationships

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This module helps you cultivate stronger relationships by connecting with your Inner Soulmate (Anima/Animus). Transform your love life by opening your heart to true connection and intimacy to a partner who matches your true self or transforming your current relationship to deeper connection and love. Understand the power of the collective unconscious and how it can be a guide in creating your life.

Module 6
Creative Power of Archetypes

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This module will redefine how you see yourself, the unconscious and the world. You will transcend your personal history and become a force of creativity and power in all aspects of your life. Learn how the different archetypes can serve as guides on your journey to greater levels of self-awareness and growth.

PRIVATE Facebook Community

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Private Facebook Community for TRANSCEND Members.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and share your insights with the other members of the TRANSCEND Core Transformation Group. Debi and Dr. Rob will also be active in the group and available on a weekly basis to check in and help you along with your transformational process.

$3,000 Value

Bonus #1 - Visualizations

Visualizations and Mindset Exercises each month to master your practice.

These short (under 15 minutes) and effective visualizations and guided meditations will help you focus your mind, reveal unconscious patterns that have been in the way of getting what you want and help you feel more relaxed and peaceful as you Transcend beyond the ego level to your True Self.

$2,500 Value


Bonus #2 - Private Coaching Session



To personally connect with each member, you get a bonus 45-minute private coaching session with Debi or Dr. Rob Maldonado via phone or SKYPE. This gives you an opportunity to get personal support and feedback for your core transformation process!

$1,000 Value


Bonus #3 - On Demand Course


You can listen to the recordings anywhere and download the lessons and visualizations on your phone, computer or tablet. You also get a personal member login to access all of your course materials in one place.

Choice of one of the following:

  • Creative Love Course
  • Creative Wealth & Abundance Course
  • Creative Dream Yoga Level #1

$2,000 Value

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Program Summary

  • TRANSCEND - Core Transformation is a Six Month Program to help you find love, realize your purpose and live your mission.
  • Six (6) Live Training Calls (one per month) (value $5,000)
  • Transcend Private Facebook Community (value $3,000)
  • BONUS: One (1) 45-minute Private Session with Debi or Dr. Rob Maldonado (Value $1,000)
  • BONUS: Visualizations and Mindset Exercises for Transformation (value $2,500)
  • BONUS On-Demand Course -choice of Creative Love, Creative Wealth or Creative Dream Yoga #1 (value $2,000)
  • $12,000 Value!

Regular Price is $5,000

SPECIAL OFFER (before January 15, 2017):


(Save $500!)


ONE PAY OF $3497 1 x $3497


4 easy payments of $997


4 PAYS of $997


We want you to be happy and excited to be in the group. If you are not satisfied with the contents program within the first 30 days, you can request a full refund. After 30 days, no refunds will be given.

Here's What Our Past Students Say

“I trained as a coach before I took this program. Debi and Dr. Rob take it to a much deeper level.”

Kristen Baker

Career Coach

“I apply the system in every area of my life. I am getting married to the love of my life thanks to this process.”

Stacey Sullivan

Jungian Life Coach

“I received an incredible transformation far more than I expected.”

Lesley Callan

Jungian Life Coach

Debi's Story

Debi (Berndt) Maldonado has over 25 years of marketing experience in digital, television and radio and left the corporate world in 2003 to pursue her passion of personal development and coaching.

She began as a single entrepreneur, trying to make it in the world on her own without any support from a husband or partner. She knows what it is like to have to cultivate the courage and perseverance to live her dreams.

She met Rob about a year after starting her business and feels that finding her TRUE SELF and aligning that with her purpose was KEY to attracting a healthy relationship that matches her highest ideals. They have been together for over eleven years, are happily married living in Santa Monica, CA.

Debi is also the best-selling author of the book, LET LOVE IN: Open Your Heart & Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner (Wiley 2010) and has been featured by NBC, ABC, FOX, Cosmopolitan, YourTango.com, Huffington Post and more.


Robert Maldonado, Ph.D. ("Dr. Rob")

This program was developed by Dr. Robert Maldonado who has a Ph.D. in counseling psychology, expert in Jungian Psychology. Robert is recognized internationally as a human behavior and relationship expert. He has had a life-long interest in Jungian Psychology, dreams, world mythology and comparative religion. His diverse academic training includes neuropsychology, neurodevelopment, social neuroscience, and multicultural psychology, and his clinical experience includes working with individuals, groups, couples and families

Robert’s research interests include the exploration of consciousness, personal transformation, the creative process, and eastern philosophies such as Vedanta, Buddhism, and Taoism.

About Carl G. Jung

Carl G. Jung was a visionary psychiatrist and philosopher whose ideas about the mind are only now beginning to be understood. He taught that our Persona is really a mask we wear in order to interact with the world. Jung postulated that within our personal unconscious there dwells the Shadow, an archetype comprised of all the things our conscious mind deems unacceptable, our fears as well as our hidden talents and aspirations. Facing our Shadow and reconnecting with the Collective Unconscious, a deeper layer of the mind common to all humanity and distinct from our personal unconscious, brings us in contact with the Anima, the archetypal feminine in a man, and Animus, the archetypal masculine in a women. Jung called this Individuation, the innate and transformative process that leads to the realization of our higher Self

The Jungian Spiritual Pscyhology ("JSP") program will train you in archetypal psychology, creative shadow and dream work and the use of visualization.


Dr. Carl Jung

Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will think of it as fate.

Carl G. Jung


Do I need to have taken another course before I can enter the Leadership Program?

Not for Level 1. The First Level provides full training to give you all the tools you need to start the process of Core Transformation.

I am single and I want to find love, will this program address finding your true partner?

Yes, the Core Transformation Level 1 program is specifically designed for people who want to work on their personal life and have bigger dreams. For six months you will be immersed in a process that will dramatically change how you see your personal relationships in romance and work life. You become more conscious of who you really are and be able to make conscious decisions when selecting a partner who shares the same values and vision as you.

What if I have done other work and feel I am ready for advanced level?

The Creative Mind Yoga Process is very unique. Even if you have done shadow work before, you will get a new perspective going through our Core Transformation first and then move to Advanced Level. Other Jungian systems are based on the therapy model and our system is based on the coaching model so our approach is very different and we want to make sure you have the basics before joining the advanced group.

Do I need to attend any Live Events for this program?

Our Core Transformation Level 1 can be completely done online in the comfort of your home, no travel is required.  You do receive two (2) free tickets to our LIVE event in Fall 2017 called DESTINY but attending that event is optional.

Our Advanced Level 2 program comes with a 2-day in-person intensive. It is a small group of advanced students who have been using the process for over six months and are making incredible changes in their life personally and professionally. You get a choice of attending one 2-day event in LA (USA) or in Europe in 2017.

Do I need to be spiritual to join this program?

We prefer you have a desire to explore your own spirituality. You do not need to define it in anyway and you may become more clear on your spiritual beliefs as you go through the process.

Do I have to have a big dream or can I just use this process to find the love of my life?

The process works for any individual with any life issue and we find that even though your focus may be on finding love, you will see changes in all areas of your life.

We have been featured by...


Level 2 - Advanced Program


Expand your core transformation beyond your personal life and into a larger mission in the world. For those who have moved past the threshold of their personal history by facing their shadow in the Core Transformation. The advanced level allows you to deepen your awareness of the individuation process through dreams, archetypes and collective unconscious and become truly self-actualized.

Program Length: Twelve (12) Months

Participation: 80% Virtual Online and 20% In Person Training

12-month Program (by application only)

Must complete Core Transformation Level 1 to participate in this program