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We believe that, for most people, the search for love, success and a meaningful life is about accessing inner resources through a process of self-discovery. Our challenge was to integrate the principles of positive depth psychology, eastern wisdom traditions and neuroscience into a coaching model that is accessible to anyone interested in transforming their life.

How would your life be different if you could access the full potential that lies within you?

Advanced Teachings in Consciousness

Our advanced leadership program is design to take you beyond the conditioning of your ego to creating your life from a new powerful place. You will master the surge of creative energy available to you through the collective unconscious to maximize and accelerate your professional and spiritual development.

Step into a higher level of consciousness to expand your vision and express your true potential in work and love. You will harness your inner resources to become a leader in your community, your industry and life to live your purpose and have a greater impact on the world.

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Expand Your Mind and Life

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Would you like to TRANSCEND into a new level in life?

You've had success in other programs we offer. You have gone through the shadow work and worked with Creative Dreaming, but you know there is more to learn and grow in this process.

Transcend Advanced is right for you if you are:

  • A life-long learner
  • Dedicated to your personal growth and spiritual life
  • A big dreamer and want more than most "average" people want in life
  • No longer getting caught up in stories of your past and ready to live in the potential beyond your ego-conditioning
  • Ready to harness the energies of your pure potential to create a big mission
  • Open and receptive to coaching
  • Self-motivated and passionate about your life

To Rise above, go beyond.

First Class Transformational Leadership Program
to Live with Passion & Purpose

Our ADVANCED LEVEL - TRANSCEND Leadership program is designed for advanced students who have already gone through shadow work and are ready to create from their higher self. They have goals beyond just finding a partner or making money, but to create a bigger mission to become a transformational leader that impacts your community or the world.

Program Length - Twelve (12) Months

Requirements to Participate: Completion of Transcend Core Transformation program


Level 2 - Advanced Life Mastery

Module 1
Clarify Your Mission


In this module you will define your personal brand in the world in alignment with your true self so that
you can lead your life with passion, power and purpose. Identify the archetypes that will be your guide
to living your mission.

Module 2
Power of Spiritual Confidence

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In this module you will understand who is the acting in the world, the ego or the SELF and how can you tell the difference. You will deepen your trust in your higher wisdom and the spiritual principles that govern the universe.

Module 3
Defining & Setting Boundaries


In this module you will master the art of establishing your personal and professional boundaries through powerful communication so that you can be free to live in your full self-expression.

Module 4
Power of Presence

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In this module you will learn to express your True Self in direct one-one contacts as well as speaking with power to large groups so that you can engage and inspire others and impact the world.

Module 5
Affluent Mindset

Creative Wealth

In this module you will understand the value of abundant thinking and action as you open your mind to see the opportunities that are already available and to create and believe in a larger vision than you originally imagined.

Module 6
Leading from the Heart

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In this module you will learn the secrets of happiness. Understand how to live your purpose and be fulfilled in life by aligning with your true mission in life. How to incorporate that purpose into your relationships and career.

Module 7
Cultivating Resilience

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In this module you will transcend obstacles by using them as an opportunity to create something new and powerful. You will see the benefits of setbacks and "failures" on your journey and know they play an important role in your ability to reach your dreams.

Module 8
Unleashing Creativity


In this module you will learn to use your imagination to connect with archetypes in your psyche that expand creativity so that you can bring new ideas and innovations into the world.

Module 9
Attaining Happiness & Fulfillment

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In this module you will learn the transformative power of emotions and how they provide the energy for growth and connectivity so that you can lead a fulfilled, passionate life.

Module 10
Making Powerful Decisions


In this module you will discern the difference between intuition and fear when making decision in relationships and career. You will be empowered to make decisions without fear or anxiety so that you can take more risks and attain your goals at a faster rate.


Module 11
Power of Focus

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In this module you will recognize the ego’s tactic of creating confusion and overwhelm that slows down your progress and productivity. You will master the art of focusing your mind one-pointed on your mission so you can navigate the journey without getting lost along the way.

Module 12
Going to the Next Level

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In this module you will look at back at the past year and assess your accomplishments and lessons learned so you can see how far you have come. Then you will create a vision for 2018 that takes your life to the next level. You will be empowered to design a higher vision to continue the journey to your greatest self-expression.

Special Bonus - 2-day In-Person VIP Intensive - London or LA


Each Transcend Advanced Member has the choice to attend one (1) 2-day in-person Advanced VIP Intensive (max limit 12 people).

This small, intimate group of advanced students of the process will go deeper into higher knowledge, advanced dream work and conscious creation.

Choice of:

London, UK (May 6 & 7, 2017)


Los Angeles, CA (September 9-10, 2017)

$5,000 Value

Bonus #1 - Visualizations

Visualizations and Mindset Exercises each month to master your practice.

These short (under 15 minutes) and effective visualizations and guided meditations will help you focus your mind, reveal unconscious patterns that have been in the way of getting what you want and help you feel more relaxed and peaceful as you Transcend beyond the ego level to your True Self.

$2,500 Value


Bonus #2 - Private Coaching Sessions With Debi & Rob



To make sure we personally connect with each member throughout the year, you will get four (4)  45-minute private coaching sessions with Debi and Dr. Rob Maldonado (2 each) via phone or SKYPE . This gives you an opportunity to get personal support and feedback for your core transformation process!

$5,000 Value


Bonus #3 - Two Bonus Courses


  • Choose from any of our courses either On-Demand or Live over the course of your program.
  • Love & Relationships, Attracting Wealth, Mindset of Success, Dream Yoga, and more!

$2,000 Value

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Bonus #4: PRIVATE Facebook Community for Advanced Members

Group Of Female Friends In Caf‚ Using Digital Devices

Private Facebook Community for TRANSCEND ADVANCED Members.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and share your insights with the other members of the TRANSCEND Advanced. Debi and Dr. Rob will also be active in the group and available on a weekly basis to check in and help you along with your transformational process.

$10,000 Value

Program Summary

  • TRANSCEND - Advanced is a Twelve Month Program to help you grow spiritually and professionally by increasing your consciousness and living your mission.
  • Twelve (12) Live Training Calls (one per month) (value $10,000)
  • VIP In-Person 2-day Intensive for Advanced Transcend Members only. Choice of LA or Europe locations. (Value $5,000)
  • Four (4) 45-minute Private Session with Debi or Dr. Rob Maldonado, 2 each (Value $4,000)
  • BONUS: Visualizations and Mindset Exercises for Transformation (value $2,500)
  • BONUS Two (2) Courses -(value $2,000)
  • BONUS: Transcend Advanced Private Facebook Community (value $6,000)
  • $29,500 Value!

Regular Price is $17,000

Apply now to save up to $2,000!



VIP Guru Level Upgrade

Would you like more private sessions and VIP access directly with Debi and Dr. Rob?

Ask about our GURU level (based on availability).

Debi's Story

Debi (Berndt) Maldonado has over 25 years of marketing experience in digital, television and radio and left the corporate world in 2003 to pursue her passion of personal development and coaching.

She began as a single entrepreneur, trying to make it in the world on her own without any support from a husband or partner. She knows what it is like to have to cultivate the courage and perseverance to live her dreams.

She met Rob about a year after starting her business and feels that finding her TRUE SELF and aligning that with her purpose was KEY to attracting a healthy relationship that matches her highest ideals. They have been together for over eleven years, are happily married living in Santa Monica, CA.

Debi is also the best-selling author of the book, LET LOVE IN: Open Your Heart & Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner (Wiley 2010) and has been featured by NBC, ABC, FOX, Cosmopolitan, YourTango.com, Huffington Post and more.


Robert Maldonado, Ph.D. ("Dr. Rob")

This program was developed by Dr. Robert Maldonado who has a Ph.D. in counseling psychology, expert in Jungian Psychology. Robert is recognized internationally as a human behavior and relationship expert. He has had a life-long interest in Jungian Psychology, dreams, world mythology and comparative religion. His diverse academic training includes neuropsychology, neurodevelopment, social neuroscience, and multicultural psychology, and his clinical experience includes working with individuals, groups, couples and families

Robert’s research interests include the exploration of consciousness, personal transformation, the creative process, and eastern philosophies such as Vedanta, Buddhism, and Taoism.

About Carl G. Jung

Carl G. Jung was a visionary psychiatrist and philosopher whose ideas about the mind are only now beginning to be understood. He taught that our Persona is really a mask we wear in order to interact with the world. Jung postulated that within our personal unconscious there dwells the Shadow, an archetype comprised of all the things our conscious mind deems unacceptable, our fears as well as our hidden talents and aspirations. Facing our Shadow and reconnecting with the Collective Unconscious, a deeper layer of the mind common to all humanity and distinct from our personal unconscious, brings us in contact with the Anima, the archetypal feminine in a man, and Animus, the archetypal masculine in a women. Jung called this Individuation, the innate and transformative process that leads to the realization of our higher Self

The Jungian Spiritual Pscyhology ("JSP") program will train you in archetypal psychology, creative shadow and dream work and the use of visualization.


Dr. Carl Jung

Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will think of it as fate.

Carl G. Jung


Do I need to have taken another course before I can enter the Advanced Level of this Leadership Program?

Yes, you must first complete the First Level to give you all the tools you need to start the process of Core Transformation before you go to advanced group.

I am single and I want to find love, will this program address finding your true partner?

Yes, the Transcend Advanced program is specifically designed for people who want to work on their personal life and have bigger dreams. However, this program is focused on BOTH. This program is well-suited for you if you do have a mission in life or want to change careers, build a business, write a book or create something more than just finding love.


Do I need to attend any Live Events for this program?

Not required, but highly recommended. The VIP events are an optional bonus to give you an upfront and personal experience with Debi & Dr. Rob.  It is a small group of advanced students who have been using the process for over six months and are making incredible changes in their life personally and professionally. You get a choice of attending one 2-day event in LA (USA) or in Europe in 2017.

Do I need to be spiritual to join this program?

We prefer you have a desire to explore your own spirituality. You do not need to define it in anyway and you may become more clear on your spiritual beliefs as you go through the process.


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