Eva told us to share this inspirational message with you:

It was early Spring of 2012. Once again I had let my ego tried fixing my love life and had my heart broken by another unavailable guy. I had spent years of searching for love in all kinds of places, why did I seem to attract the same type of guys over and over again? Maybe this whole love-thing just isn’t for me? After sobbing over my statement, I started googling on how love attractions work and.. BAM. Debi & Roberto popped up in my search-results. I started reading the blog posts, listened to ALL the podcasts I could find and felt a sense of peace come over me during Debi’s meditations. I decided that same week to join one of their programs on finding your inner-Adam. The fact that my name is Eva (Dutch for Eve) was a great sign I wholeheartedly accepted. After working with both Debi and Roberto, my life started to shift gears.

The more I started to believe, the more progress I made. Thanks to them I opened up to the idea of love and I was able to let love in. I discovered love in a way I would have never imagined possible! The idea that somewhere a man was looking to find me and someday he would propose to me on STAGE (with many PEOPLE attending!), well…that’s an idea I rejected for the most part of my life. Until now!

So if I can promise you one thing: please believe those little beautiful visions you have on love, because if you can dream of something so amazing, the universe will give you something even greater in reality in return! THANK YOU DEBI AND ROB!

~ Eva Schippers


"The Creative Mind Process will transform your life. It gives you the courage to be who you are and reach your full potential without having to heal or fix yourself."

- Debi & Dr. Rob

 I married my soul-mate!

"I married my soulmate, last Friday! I just wanted to thank you and that I have never forgotten all your words of wisdom." 
-R.C. | Australia

I am now in a relationship that’s beyond my wildest dreams.

"I felt I had lost all hope of meeting a truly good man that I would also fall in love with. After a lot of not-so-great relationships, I felt I kept making one bad choice after another. Not having much else to lose, I kept with our program and did my homework. Not only did I meet the most amazing man a month after writing that email, we now live together in a beautiful apartment, about to take our relationship to the next level. I’m so grateful for Debi for not letting me settle, for guiding me to make better choices and helping me find the love and respect for me and through that, the most loving, respectful relationship that’s beyond my wildest dreams."

— Annabella | NYC

Here I am featured in the Finnish reality show, NewYorkissa, coaching Annabella about her love life:

Best Life Journey!

I will never thank you enough for my best life journey with you and Roberto, and I am looking forward to a more enlightened life and journey. My husband has a lovely spirit and a beautiful sense of humor, he is a naturally positive man. I still believe that he is my shadow and I am still meditating and reflecting till today. I attended a marriage talk once and felt that I am way ahead, thanks to the work and teaching I did with creative love coaching academy!
And as Rumi said, Love is the bridge between you and everything, I see love everywhere and in everything not in a soul-mate as I used to believe before. Its more divine and spiritual. Thanks alot for everything right deep from my heart 🙂

-A.A., Dubai, UAE

Truly Life Changing Journey!
Robert. Debbie. This is unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life. This is real. This is true love. This is what I prayed for, asked for and hoped was truly possible. Tears well up in my eyes as my heart is overflowing with gratitude.

He has worked me through a few fears and a few shadows and is as solid as a rock. He believes I am the woman he has been looking for all his life and it feels like best friends, true love and the added bonus of romance.

My children adore him and want me to marry him. He asked me to chose a ring last night. When things are official, I will of course update you.I just HAD to take an opportunity to thank you from the depths of my heart for taking us through a truly life changing journey. It is exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it. God Bless you!
-S.B., (Minnesota, USA)

Never treated so well

“I’ve never been treated so well. This is the one!”
— C.O. | Columbus, OH

I'm Engaged!

“I’m engaged! Thank you so much for your guidance in drawing my true love to me.”
— C.A. | Saudi Arabia

Let Love In has truly changed my world!

I did the let love in course in July and it has truly changed my world. I found it so enlightening and it made so much simple sense ( not sure I could say that the next level of work with inner Adam/Eve and dream assessments is quite as easy!!) Anyhow it truly changed my world in lots of everyday ways and really led me to understanding myself and identifying who I am. A few months on and I see new friendships developing with like minded people and to top it all off I met a wonderful man who is like no one I have ever met before. Our relationship is so different and connected to anything else either of us have ever experienced (Interestingly he studied philosophy in Uni and really enjoys reading and learning and challenging himself)
So I wanted to say thank you on so many levels. Personally I feel so calm, confident ( and that's a big one!!) content and grounded just in myself and then externally I have developed some wonderful friendships and met a great man who just enhances all of that....its been quiet a year!
--N.B.,Vancouver, Canada

"The work is powerful! After many years of failed relationships, I uncovered my own inner blocks and could see that I was choosing the wrong men. Apparently, my “type” really isn’t for me. At least not for marriage. What an aha moment! I’ve gained a deeper understanding of my role in creating a healthy relationship and Debi has given me the tools and processes I need to move forward. Her wisdom, dedication and loving spirit have made it an inspiring learning experience. And, after only a few weeks I’ve noticed that I am attracting more men ... nice men. I’m feeling more confident and excited about meeting my amazing man!"

— M.B. | B.C., Canada

"Debra's book and our sessions have been one of the best investments I have made in myself. Through the work we have been doing together the past five months, I have made more progress than I had in years of therapy. I am very thankful and grateful to Debra for helping me to find my one true love — MYSELF! And, because of the love and confidence I feel for myself, I have met a very special man that could be the 'one'!"

— F. Pennachio | Queens, NY

"THANKS so much as always for all this help. I feel like a totally different person because of my work with you. It’s been the equivalent of about 5 years and $10,000 worth of therapy."

— C.G. | New York City, NY

I take risks that I otherwise may not have had the courage to take.

"Debra has helped me to change the course of my life in a most miraculous way... we’re all responsible for our choices and ultimately our lives but receiving assistance as we travel our journey is not only beneficial but sometimes very necessary. Debra helped to create an awareness in my spirit, which allowed the process of healing and spiritual growth to be accelerated, which then took me to places in life that I never could have imagined.

Everything became new again and I was able to take the risks that I otherwise may not have had the courage to take. I feel like a brand new creature with an amazing life that I created and Debra showed me how to do that. Thanks so much Deb… I love you."

— K.C. | Orlando, FL