Debi Berndt September 30, 2017 Creative Life & Spirit, Creative Love, Featured Relationship Advice

[VIDEO] How to Meditate to Transform Your Life

Research shows so many benefits of meditation such as helping you relieve stress and anxiety as well as keeping your body healthy. So many people are unsure as to how to meditate ...

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Debi Berndt September 27, 2010 Articles

How to Stop Fear From Running Your Life

In these trying times, many are concerned about their jobs, investments and the future of our great country. According to the law of attraction, what you think about you create ...

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Debi Berndt July 6, 2010 General Love Advice, Love Moments

NEW! Grounding & Chakra Balancing Meditation

Check out a preview my newest audio (edited to fit into 10 minutes) while watching beautiful scenes and relaxing ...

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Debi Berndt May 18, 2010 Articles

What are your feelings trying to tell you?

As I studied personal growth and the law of attraction, I often heard experts label feelings as negative and positive. As I evolved in my own process, I realized that some of the ...

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Debi Berndt July 22, 2009 1 Comment General Love Advice

Overcoming Dating Anxiety – Radio Show Replay

Having anxiety about being single or just dating in general? Have you just gone through a bad breakup and cannot possibly let the uncomfortable feelings go? Do you want to be ...

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Debi Berndt March 21, 2009 1 Comment General Love Advice

Hypnosis For Holiday Stress

Learn how hypnosis can help ease stress any time of the year, especially during the hectic holiday season.  See ABC news interview with Debra Berndt, Clinical Hypnotherapist and ...

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Debi Berndt February 23, 2009 General Love Advice

Meditation to Reduce Stress

Need love, money or better health? Using meditation along with hypnosis can help you get your mind aligned in the present moment and experience more inner peace. Check out NY Love ...

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Debi Berndt February 15, 2009 1 Comment General Love Advice

Hypnosis for Wealth – ABC News Interview

See Debra’s interview on ABC News in Denver regarding the use of self-hypnosis to increase wealth. ...

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Debi Berndt February 15, 2009 General Love Advice

Rumi Relaxation Visualization


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Debi Berndt February 14, 2009 General Love Advice

Increase Confidence Hypnotic Video

Watch a beautiful waterfall while listening to hypnotic suggestions to increase your self-esteem and belief that you are worthy of good things in life. ...

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