Debi Berndt July 15, 2015 2 Comments Confidence & Self-Esteem, Featured Relationship Advice, General Love Advice, Love Moments, Personal Growth

Are you an attention addict?

When you meet someone new, do you constantly check your phone to see if he texted you? Do you feel a surge of relief when you get that sweet note, “hey babe” and forget about ...

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Debi Berndt July 1, 2015 4 Comments Love Moments

Are you a victim of love?

Have you ever met someone who blamed everyone else for their life’s problems? They complain a lot, they are never satisfied and never wrong about the terrible people in the ...

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Debi Berndt May 7, 2015 6 Comments Articles, Confidence & Self-Esteem, Dating & Relationships, Love Moments

Why you reject the “nice” guys (or girls) in dating.

You meet someone and they seem like a possible match, but as the date goes on you start to feel annoyed and uncomfortable with their fondness of you. You give them one or two more ...

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Debi Berndt April 30, 2015 4 Comments Articles, Dating & Relationships, Featured Relationship Advice, Love Moments

How to deal with your urgency to find the one

Feeling like you want to find love…yesterday? Tired of waking up every day alone? Frustrated with not being able to make it work and beating yourself up? Are you exhausted? ...

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Debi Berndt April 20, 2015 4 Comments Featured Relationship Advice, Love Moments

You are meant to find great love

Do you think some people are just lucky and have great relationships while others have to suffer and struggle to find their match? Have you wondered if you were cursed or that ...

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Debi Berndt April 4, 2015 Breakup Recovery, Love Moments

The best way to deal with emotions and feelings

Emotions are not the enemy and are a wonderful opportunity to experience the fullness of life. Listen to Debi Berndt, co-founder of Creative Love, explain what emotions are and ...

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Debi Berndt March 29, 2015 3 Comments Love Moments

Is a phantom problem in the way of your love life?

Mark Twain once said, ““I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.” Most people, when they are trying to change their life, are dealing with ...

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Debi Berndt March 7, 2015 Confidence & Self-Esteem, Love Moments, Personal Growth, Relationships, Special Events

How to go from being the Pleaser to the Prize in Dating

There is a persona that some of us possess that I call the “Pleaser.” On the surface, you may believe being the Pleaser is a good quality. They are easy-going, nice to be ...

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Debi Berndt October 26, 2014 2 Comments Love Moments, Personal Growth

Are you waiting to win the love lottery?

There is a difference between wanting something and being emotionally ready to receive it. One of the main reasons why I see people struggle in finding love is that they are ...

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Debi Berndt September 12, 2014 11 Comments Confidence & Self-Esteem, Dating & Relationships, General Love Advice, Love Moments

The Alpha Male Delusion and What Real Men Want

The dating advice industry is flooded with this idea of how to get an alpha male and how to be an alpha male. While the concept on the surface seems reasonable, you want a ...

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