Debi Berndt-Maldonado April 18, 2018 Articles, Videos

[VIDEO] Weight Loss Meditation based on Mindbody Psychology

Watch this beautiful video while your mind is infused with positive messages about healthy eating and watch your eating patterns change so you can lose weight and feel good in ...

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Debi Berndt-Maldonado October 3, 2017 Articles

How to Be Spiritual In a Material World

Do you have a great morning meditation and then feel all that bliss is lost when you are thrust into the material world? If you ever wondered how to be spiritual in the regular, ...

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Debi Berndt-Maldonado September 30, 2017 Articles, Creative Life & Spirit, Creative Love, Featured Relationship Advice, Videos

[VIDEO] How to Meditate to Transform Your Life

Research shows so many benefits of meditation such as helping you relieve stress and anxiety as well as keeping your body healthy. So many people are unsure as to how to meditate ...

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Debi Berndt-Maldonado May 20, 2015 7 Comments Articles, Dating & Relationships, Featured Relationship Advice, General Love Advice, Love Moments, Videos

The Right Way to Visualize to Draw in Your True Love

Have you been using visualization, but still not seeing results? There is a big mistake most people make when trying to visualize being with their true love. Watch my video ...

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Debi Berndt-Maldonado December 29, 2013 2 Comments Articles, Dating & Relationships

Finding someone to kiss on New Year’s Eve

There is so much expectation when it comes to New Year’s eve celebrations. The pressure on single people is even stronger to make it a big night. They want to send off the past ...

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Debi Berndt-Maldonado November 13, 2013 4 Comments Articles, Dating & Relationships

Got Hope? How to believe in love.

After years of being single or enduring the pattern of one failed relationship after another, you may begin to lose hope that your love life will get better one day. More than ...

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Debi Berndt-Maldonado August 27, 2013 8 Comments Articles, Dating & Relationships, General Love Advice, Love Moments, Personal Growth, Videos

What does your personal development work say about your love life?

How you do your personal work is how you do relationships? Are you Passive, an extremist or Half-Committed? So many people don’t see the patterns that keep them stuck in ...

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Debi Berndt-Maldonado May 23, 2013 Articles, Confidence & Self-Esteem, Dating & Relationships, General Love Advice, Love Moments

Are you looking for love or looking for a life?

Many women dream of the handsome prince arriving to take her away from the evil stepmother of corporate America or the lonely tower of gloom. Romantic comedies, poetry and even ...

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Debi Berndt-Maldonado August 28, 2012 3 Comments Love Moments, Personal Growth

How to Change your Dating Karma

You often hear the word “karma” thrown around by different people telling you a variety of meanings and how it applies to your life. Some believe that karma is something you ...

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Debi Berndt-Maldonado August 9, 2012 Articles, General Love Advice, Love Moments

Facing the Fear to Get to Love

Imagine that you are facing a door and waiting on the other side of the door is your ideal partner. You want to open that door but there is something in your way…your greatest ...

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