Debi Berndt-Maldonado April 19, 2016 3 Comments Articles, Creative Life & Spirit, Creative Love, Videos

[VIDEO] Have you been trying to fix your Persona? Who is the REAL you?

Have you tried to become a better person, gain confidence or fix your past to create a new future but feel stuck? The problem isn’t what you are doing but “who” ...

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Debi Berndt-Maldonado March 24, 2016 2 Comments Articles, Creative Love, Dating & Relationships, Featured Relationship Advice, General Love Advice, Love Moments, Relationships

Do you choose power over love?

If you think you are a person who doesn’t thrive on power, think again. From the earliest moment of our life we learned to exert our power to survive. We cried when we were ...

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Debi Berndt-Maldonado January 22, 2016 Articles, Confidence & Self-Esteem, Creative Life & Spirit, Creative Love, Creative Wealth, Personal Growth, Videos

[VIDEO] How do I find my own power?

Debi and Dr. Rob answer your questions by the fire. Watch this video where we answer the question: “How Do I Find My Own Power?” The key to discovering your own power ...

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Debi Berndt-Maldonado October 13, 2014 1 Comment Confidence & Self-Esteem, Love Moments, Personal Growth

Rubber Band Effect in Personal Growth

Have you ever noticed that when you start to make a change in your life, it seems like things get worse, not better? You make a commitment to get out there to date and you are ...

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Debi Berndt-Maldonado February 10, 2014 2 Comments Dating & Relationships, Love Moments

The Difference Between Giving Up or Letting Go in Searching for Love

If you have been searching for the love of your life for a while, you may have moments where you feel like just giving up. You hear that advice from your married friends, ...

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Debi Berndt-Maldonado April 26, 2011 Articles

Do you have poor expectations in dating?

Alexis had been single for a while and felt like there was no end in sight in her search for true love. She reluctantly dragged herself to single events and left each time feeling ...

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