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Creating the mindset of real, lasting wealth

Are you an educated professional who wants to create real, lasting wealth in your life by mastering your mindset around money? Creative Wealth is not about just attracting more money but creating a better relationship with money so it no longer controls your emotions and behaviors. Whether you have a lot of debt and have trouble paying your bills or you are financially stable but live in a constant state of fear of losing it all, you want to create a mind that is emotionally-free so that money no longer controls your life.

Creative Mind Process® helps you understand your Money Shadow® and the hidden assumptions you make around money and success. This program is perfect if you have your own business but are struggling to generate income or if you are in a career that no longer satisfies you but are afraid to do what you love because of money fears.

Create the abundance in your life from the inside out by understanding your persona and shadow around money and move beyond those limiting conditioned ideas to access your unlimited potential.

Creative Wealth

Creative Wealth Programs

Limitless Life CourseThis 4-part online course will help you master your mindset to create what you want in life. Learn how to take action without attachment and hold the vision of your ideal life. This is a great basic course to get you started that will be a foundation for every level of your personal development and spiritual growth.

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Creative Wealth & AbundanceThis course takes you beyond simple "money manifestation" programs to actually moving beyond ego ideas about money and attachment to making money out of fear or need for security. Includes powerful visualizations to guide your unconscious mind to unlimited success

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Answering the CallThis five-part program will help you discover your true purpose (not a career, but a life purpose) and step beyond your resistance to create the life you want. Powerful visualizations to help you access your unconscious mind and hidden gifts and talents.

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Mindset of Success4-part course to help you master the mindset of success so that you can live your dreams, make more money and feel more fulfilled. Learn the ancient Yoga principles that help you focus your mindset and get faster results.

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