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Conscious Chemistry® For Lasting Love

Are you an educated, professional single who is searching for a deeper self-development program that provides a true transformation in order to attract the love in your life? Based on Jungian Psychology and Eastern Philosophy, the Creative Mind Process® was developed by Debi & Dr. Rob to help you understand the psyche, the psychology of relationships beyond surface behavior to truly seeing your true unlimited potential.

As you let go of conditioned ways of thinking and being in relationships you begin to see the false persona that you were using to attract a partner and start to see a new, greater vision of yourself. By letting go of ego attachment, you free your mind to experience a greater love with someone who is meant for the true you.

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Creative Love Courses & Programs

Creative Love Detox ProgramA 4-part course to get over your ex and past heartache so that you can find true, lasting love. Includes lectures, handouts and visualizations to help you feel better and increase confidence.

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Let Love In CourseA 5-part course to help you align your mindset with finding true love. Includes lectures, handouts and visualizations to let go of anxiety around finding a partner and filling you with hope and possibility.

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Conscious Chemistry Course5-part course to help you work with your emotions so that you can change your default chemistry to healthier connections and Conscious Chemistry with the ONE who is meant for you. Learn about the psychology of emotions and how they impact your life and condition you to repeat the same dating patterns so you can free your mind and get the love you want.

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Engaged in A YearOur most popular, intensive signature program to help you move from ego-dating to attracting the love of your life from your divine true self. Work with your love shadow and your Inner Adam or Inner Eve to cultivate a new pattern of relating with an ideal partner.

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How to Get Over Your BreakupIn this 2-hour program you will learn:

-Discover why you cannot get over your ex
-The hidden reason you attract the wrong people
-Understand your Love Shadow

Be empowered to open your heart for true love!

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3 Keys to Unlock Your Love DestinyIn this 2-hour class, you will:

-Understand WHY you are attracting the WRONG men
-See how just thinking positive won't work and how to access your deeper mind
-Realize that you are not broken and don't need healing and how you can shift your perception to find your own true love
-Learn how to create Conscious Chemistry® with the one who is meant for you.

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Is Your Love Persona Keeping You Single?Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn on this special online video training:

- Discover your LOVE PERSONA and how it is stopping you from meeting the right one
- How to change your Shadow in Relationships for true love
- How to get engaged in a year
- A process to shift your love destiny based on Jungian psychology

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Master Your Emotions to Find True LoveDo you want to master your emotions so you can be open-hearted to attract your true love? During this FREE webinar, you'll learn:

*How to powerfully deal with emotions of rejection, fear of abandonment, anxiety and loneliness.

*The KEY Emotion that will help you open your heart to true love.

*How emotions are the key to unlock old relationship patterns and set you free to find the love of your life

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