Create the Love and Life You Want with Debi & Dr. Rob

Do you feel that your personal development journey has been a mixture of starts and stops? No matter what you try, your results are inconsistent or not even close to what you imagined?

Our Creative Mind Process® is based on Jungian Psychology and Eastern Philosophy. We do not believe that you are limited by your past or that you need to be fixed. Developed by Debi and Dr. Robert Maldonado, this process is not therapy or about healing but seeing you as already whole and allowing you to have an experience of yourself as that wholeness, body, mind and spirit.

We developed a cutting edge system combining Western Science and Depth Psychology with Ancient Vedic Philosophy for the educated, smart professional. If you are looking for practical spiritual concepts to integrate into your every day life to maximize your full potential and reach your highest dreams, you are in the right place.

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