Reach the Next Level in Your Business and Life with Debi & Dr. Rob

Do you feel like you are meant for a bigger life? More Love, More Success and More Fulfillment in Your Career.

If you are done looking backward to fix the past and ready to explore the potential that lies within you without healing or therapy, you are in the right place!

Welcome to the Psychology of Possibility!

Our Creative Mind Process® is based on Jungian Psychology and Eastern Philosophy. We do not believe that you are limited by your past or that you need to be fixed. Developed by Debi and Dr. Robert Maldonado, this process is not therapy or about healing but seeing you as already whole and allowing you to have an experience of yourself as that wholeness, body, mind and spirit.

Featured 2018 Programs


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CREATING THE BODY BEAUTIFUL - 6-week Virtual Retreat - A Spiritual Approach to Weight Loss


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NEW! ENGAGED IN A YEAR®  - 6-week Love Attraction System and Group Coaching Program - Begins March 2018!

Academy of Jungian Spiritual Psychology

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Academy of Jungian Spiritual Pscyhology


LIFE COACH TRAINING - Become a Certified Jungian Life Coach and help others reach their potential in love, success, health and spiritual mission. Click here to find out more and apply today!


MINDBODY COACH TRAINING RETREAT - Intensive 3-Day Training Certificate in Mindbody Coaching - Santa Fe, NM - August 10-12, 2018 - Click here for more about the mind body training retreat