Create the Love and Life You Want with Debi & Dr. Rob

Do you feel like you are meant for a bigger life? More Love, More Success and More Fulfillment in Your Career.

If you are done looking backward to fix the past and ready to explore the potential that lies within you without healing or therapy, you are in the right place!

Welcome to the Psychology of Possibility!

Our Creative Mind Process® is based on Jungian Psychology and Eastern Philosophy. We do not believe that you are limited by your past or that you need to be fixed. Developed by Debi and Dr. Robert Maldonado, this process is not therapy or about healing but seeing you as already whole and allowing you to have an experience of yourself as that wholeness, body, mind and spirit.


  • REWIRING YOUR HEART FOR LOVE (1/1/2017) - This course explores the neuroscience of attraction and relationships. Understand how science is now affirming what the ancient wisdom has known for thousands of years about consciousness. Learn about the latest research that demonstrates the mind’s incredible ability to create your own reality, how your brain perceives others and get access to the latest mindset tools to rewire your brain to align with the love you want.
  • Love Detox 2.0 (3/20/2017) - NEW! Love Detox 2.0 is our new course on how to get over a breakup and find true love. Let go of your ex and move on to greater love without repeating the same patterns again. Now available on-demand!
  • Being in Love On-Demand Course: Love Attraction System for an Extraordinary Relationship (10/26/2017) -
  • Heart & Mind of Money Course – Creating Wealth with Meaning (11/27/2017) - NEW! Heart and Mind of Money is a 6-part course to help you work with your mindset around abundance and success. Use special techniques to shift your consciousness and create wealth with meaning in your life. Program begins January 10th!


  • Evolve – Transformational Leadership Program for Creative Women (9/21/2017) - Evolve is a 12-month Leadership Program for Creative Women with a Big Mission. Debi's version of the Hero's Journey - HER JOURNEY - for women only to help them transcend their ego and become the Divine Woman Leader who impacts the world through conscious relationships and conscious entrepreneurship.



  • Jungian Coach Training Certification (1/15/2016) - Explore the different levels of Jungian Life Coach Training with the Academy of Jungian Spiritual Psychology. Special customized, private mentorship with Robert Maldonado, Ph.D.