MINDSET OF SUCCESS                                               4-part Virtual Course with                                                                  
Debi & Dr. Rob Maldonado                                                                  

Four Yogas of Success

Understand ancient principles which will give you the exact blueprint of how to work with your mind to acheive true success. You will not only learn them intellectually but you will apply them directly in this program so that you can reach your dreams in life.

Mastering the Mother/Father Archetypal Patterns

The masculine and feminine forces of creating are always working with you unconsciously. Learn how you can balance the energies of creativity and logic, matter and spirit, seen and unseen to create the life you consciously want without struggle or fear.

Attract Lasting Abundance and Joy

External accomplishments attained in service of your ego will only give you fleeting happiness. You can learn the principles that will lead you to lasting fulifllment, happiness and abundance doing the work you love and sharing your gifts with the world.

True Success:
From struggle and worry to creating your dream life.

You have a passion to experience life to its fullest, to live without limits in your lifestyle and how you express your gifts and talents with the world, but feel stuck.

The results in your life are directly related to the quality of your thinking. Your pattern of thinking creates a pattern of action or reaction that keeps you stuck in a cycle of just enough or constantly feeling like you are failing. If you could only figure out what is stopping you, you would be free.

We all have the potential to create whatever we want. There is NO LIMIT to us except for the limits that are self-imposed by the mind. It is easy to identify your conscious thoughts and try to change them, but what is really driving your current results is NOT CONSCIOUS.

You must do more than simply change "limiting beliefs" which seems to be very popular in the success mindset culture. There is a deeper layer that you need to master and that is understanding the key principles to how things get created based on the ancient traditions of YOGA philosophy.

If you do not understand the philosophy of mind, you will simply be re-arranging the furniture and staying in the same cramped room that keeps you feeling stuck.

In four weeks, we will reveal these ancient philosophies that will help you cultivate the MINDSET OF SUCCESS so that you never have to worry about money ever again. Armed with this higher knowledge, you will use these four principles for the rest of your life.

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Do you feel you are meant for something more?

We do too.

You can't reach success by ONLY focusing on having the:
* Perfect marketing strategy or Business Plan
* Best Skills or Greatest Talent
* RIGHT connections to influential people
* Right education
* Funding from investors or family

You need to master the MINDSET OF SUCCESS or all of the above strategies will fail.

Most people believe they are working on mindset when they are taught to re-wire their brain with positive affirmations or healing the patterns of the past. Those approaches limits your ability to create because it only focuses on your ego-mind, your personal identity and doesn't give you access to the limitless possibilities in the collective unconscious.

You need to move beyond just changing ego-thoughts, but gaining access and EMBODYING your TRUE NATURE that is already abundant and successful.

You must have an unwavering vision of yourself as someone who is already great and always becoming more. (Not someone who needs to be fixed)

Learn how to work with the symbolic mother/father archetypes along with the FOUR Key Yoga of Success Principles to transform your life in all ways!

I am making more money doing the work I love!

"After working with Debi and Rob, I went from cautiously selling $100 products to confidently selling $15k packages. I 20x my revenue in 12 months. Not only am I making more money as a result of our work together, but I am only doing work I love, with amazing, ideal clients who really value my unique gifts and approach. I am forever grateful to have gotten to work with them and master their unique and invaluable process."

-Kristen Baker High-Ticket Sales Coach convertidealclients.com 

I have more peace and joy and my results in love and money have increased!

"Before I worked with Debi and Rob, my only tool was to work hard, very hard. I thought the harder I worked the better my results would be. I feared not working hard. However, after 25 years of that work work work mindset, I was exhausted and found myself in the same place. I showed up like this at my job and my personal life.  It was not until I learned about mindset and learned how to work with my mind, that I was able to shift to access a softer less stressful way of living, loving and working. I have more peace and joy in my life and because of that my results in love and money have increased as well."

- Andi Napier Master Jungian Life Coach  soulrealtionship.com

I found my DREAM JOB!
I discovered the teaching and coaching of Debi & Dr. Rob a couple of years
ago, with the focus on finding and maintaining a successful relationship.
While my vision has not changed, along the way, the process became my
passion.  While on this journey, I also found my dream job, it appears as if
it plopped right info my lap from nowhere (as I was not seeking a new
position or new company) however,  had I not worked the process daily or had their coaching in my life, I would have surely missed the opportunity or
perhaps the universe would not have thought I was ready for such a wonderful challenge.  My life is filled with beauty, love, and abundance because of their teachings and I would highly recommend this to anyone who is drawn to higher knowledge and spiritual growth.  Thank you both!

- JN, New York, NY


No words to describe the magnitude of growth!
There are no words to describe the magnitude of growth I have experienced working with Debi and Dr. Rob this past year. One of the many highlights through their work has been learning to interpret my own complex dreams and as a consequence find the light, guidance and inner peace in my life that I otherwise would have sought therapy for.
  -Anonymous, New York, NY

Actually starting to really live my life and go for the things i want.
I had always been afraid to take any kind of risk or really put myself out there and because of that my life was basically at a stand still.
After doing several courses and working with Debi and Dr. Rob I'm actually starting to really live my life and go for the things I want.  Though I'm still fearful most of the time I'm beginning to not let the fear control me. My life is definitely more satisfying and fuller having worked with the both of them. - Anonymous, Indianapolis, IN

The vision Debi and Dr. Rob helped me create is way beyond anything I thought possible!

I first discovered Debi and Dr Rob's work as part of my quest to find love. As soon as I heard them speak, I realised their work was out of the class of anything I'd heard before. I found myself being led on a journey - a hero's journey - through the misty wisdom of ancient Eastern philosophy, via the ground breaking, turn of the century, depth psychology of Carl Jung, culminating in eminently practical steps that would transform my life. The vision Debi and Dr Rob have helped me create is way beyond anything I thought was possible. Friends and family have noticed how, this work, has enabled me to have confidence to take actions and see results, in areas of my life where previously I'd seemed stuck. Professional and personal opportunities have presented themselves in the most unexpected ways and places. I may have thought I was looking for dating tips but I found so much more - not least glimpsing my True Self. - Anonymous, London, UK


Mindset of Success
4-part On-Demand Course
with Debi & Dr. Rob Maldonado


Master the mindset of success so you can do what you love, make as much money as you want and be as happy as you can imagine without fear or worry about the future!

This 4-week program is perfect for:
Creative Entrepreneurs who want to share their talents, product or big idea and make more money
Coaches and other Service-Based Business Owners who want to grow their business or practice
Corporate People who want to take their current career to the next level
Anyone who knows that they are capable of becoming more!



Module 1
Yoga of Wisdom

Understand the mother/father archetypes and how to master the creative forces and how they appear in your life based on universal yogic principles.

Module 2
Yoga of Action

Master the art of taking action that connects the mind, body and spirit to create your vision in the external world. How to act in a "certain way" for best results.

Module 3
Yoga of Visualization

Learn how to use visualization to discover the true you and cultivate your imagination to create limitless possibilities. Become more innovative and creative in your work.

Module 4
Yoga of Devotion

How to connect the wisdom, action and vision to the emotion of love of your True Self so that you can know on a deep level the power that lies within you to use to create your life.

BONUS Visualization Set

Four (4) Mp3 Visualizations to help you work with different techniques to deepen your understanding of the four principles of the Yoga of Success.

Two (2) tickets to DESTINY LIVE EVENT

Join Debi & Dr. Rob LIVE at their live event in Fall 2017
(Space is Limited)


Each week you will get a pre-recorded Training Call with Debi & Dr. Rob with a lecture, visualization.



The more you put into the program, the more you will get out of it. The program is designed to have you move beyond your comfort zone so you can step into your successful self. You can't get results if you don't participate!

Practice the techniques and visualizations provided. Watch the shifts start to occur in your life. Notice how you FEEL BETTER and in more CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE



You will get lifetime access to all of the mp3 lectures, visualization and pdf handouts to come back to anytime for refreshers or just to remind yourself to FEEL GOOD.

Benefits of participating in

How would your life be different if you stopped struggling for success and starting feeling the momentum shift in your work right away?

What if you started to meet people who gave you NEW OPPORTUNITIES & you were able to recognize them without being afraid to take risks?

What if you could make more money doing what you love because you are in charge of your mindset?

I feel like I have "woken up" for the first time in my life
"It is hard to know where to begin to describe the difference these teachings have made on my life. I feel like I have “woken up” for the first time in my life: woken up to the true nature of life itself, in all its limitless possibility. I’ve learned that the true source of power to create whatever my heart desires resides not somewhere “out there” but right here, with the self. It is a humbling, liberating experience that is only the beginning. Debi and Rob -- with patience, love and insight -- make the perfect team to guide you through the journey. I would not trade this experience for anything." - Anonymous, NY, NY


Feel truly successful from the inside out RIGHT NOW! Embody the energy and confidence of a successful person who is in command of his/her life.

Find the work you love and make great money

Imagine letting go of your day job and confidently pursuing your dream that doesn't feel like working for a paycheck. What if your real work allowed you to make more money?

Let go of worry and fear

Cultivate the courage to take risks and have the direct knowledge that you can navigate any obstacle to use as creative energy to reach your goals. What if you woke up every day feeling great about your life and where you are going?

Permanent Shifts!

Most people that do our programs tell us that it changed them FOREVER. They never looked at themselves or their life the same way again. They never went backward to old patterns. Imagine a shift that isn't just temporary, but that LASTS A LIFETIME!

Course Plans and Pricing

We offer two pay plans to make it easier for you to access this life-changing content. This program includes a 30-day Money Back Honor System Satisfaction Guarantee* so the risk is all on us!

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  • If you are not satisfied for any reason with the power of this training within 30 days, simply let us know and you will get your money back.
  • The risk is all on us.
  • That is how confident we are in our programs!

About Your Guides - Debi & Dr. Rob Maldonado

Dr. Rob Maldonado and Debi Berndt are the co-founder Creative Mind Media, a personal development company that transforms people’s lives through live trainings and multimedia online courses. They developed a system based on Jungian Psychology and Eastern Philosophy that helps people discover their true nature through working with their unconscious mind through visualizations, conscious awareness and dreams.

<h3>Dr. Robert Maldonado</h3>Robert Maldonado (Dr. Rob) is recognized internationally as a human behavior and relationship expert. He earned a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Wisconsin and an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Texas. He has had a life-long interest in Jungian Psychology, including the study of dreams, mythology and comparative religion. Robert’s academic training includes neuropsychology, neurodevelopment, social neuroscience, and multicultural psychology.

<h3>Debi Berndt</h3>Debi (Berndt) Maldonado is the author of the bestselling book, LET LOVE IN: OPEN YOUR HEART & MIND TO ATTRACT YOUR IDEAL PARTNER. Debi has been featured by ABC News, ABC Radio Network, FOX News, NBC News, Cosmopolitan, Natural Health, Publisher’s Weekly, Complete Woman, Playboy Radio, and more.