Make a difference by helping others realize their true, unlimited self.

Hello, This is Debi and Rob. We created  the Jungian Spiritual Psychology (JSP) coaching program because we want to train world-class coaches in a model that helps people have more  success, better relationships and a meaningful life by accessing their inner resources. Our challenge was to integrate the principles of Jungian psychology and Eastern philosophy into a coaching model that is accessible to anyone interested in transforming their life.

There is a demand for highly-trained coaches that go beyond therapy-based modalities or action steps or that simply give general advice about life’s challenges. The JSP training program will prepare you to relate to a highly-educated, mature and culturally diverse population. Other processes only focus on external and superficial behaviors but do not address the core unconscious.

Coaching is a rapidly growing global industry. Every day more and more people are choosing to enter this industry as a way to earn a living while helping others.

Have you ever wanted to study psychology?

Debi and Dr. Rob have developed a complete system to help you become your greatest self and a step-by-step method to help others reach their goals in life.

  • Focused on potential - not healing or fixing
  • Based on real psychology - not fluff or magical thinking
  • Benefit from Personal Mentorship with Robert Maldonado, Ph.D.

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All that we are is the result of what we have thought.

— Buddha


Coaching is about reaching your full potential

We stay true to the coaching model but apply it with the power and transformation of what we call Positive Depth Psychology based on Jung's Individuation process. We offer techniques and a process that helps a person reach their full potential. We do not see clients as broken or need for healing. Our approach is empowering for high-functioning individuals who want to focus forward and create the life they love without being held back by the past.

A spiritual psychology for life.

Superior Life Coach Training like no other
with emphasis on depth psychology
and spiritual philosophy.

There are two levels to our coach training system

Certified Jungian Life Coach

Woman looking the cityscape from the roof

Our Jungian Life Coach Certification training is a customized, private mentorship program with Dr. Rob Maldonado for ten (10) months.

You will receive the tools to start working with clients in an empowering way to help them reach their goals as well as be personally mentored on your own individuation process. Emphasis is on psychology of coaching, how to use visualization and create your own effective guided visualizations for clients and the power of the unconscious mind. Learn the basic concepts of Jungian psychology including ego/persona, shadow work, dream yoga, working with archetypes and collective unconscious. Understand how to incorporate Jungian psychology and eastern philosophy in a unique way to empower clients to become their true selves.

Program Length - Ten (10) Months

Next Class Start Date: September 2018- June 2019

Participation: 100% Virtual Online Training - can be taken from anywhere in the world (in-person training is optional bonus).

This is a high-touch program involving private mentorship with Dr. Rob involving a Five-Figure Investment. (Ask us about our special early registration discount and payment plans)

Limited space available, apply today.

  • Ten (10) Online Coach Training Modules
  • Twelve (12) private 1-1 mentoring calls with Dr. Rob Maldonado
  • Email Support in Between Calls with Dr. Rob
  • Customized training based on your own individuation process
  • Ten (10) Group Coaching Calls (1 x month) with Dr. Rob
  • Two (2) 3-day VIP In Person Group Coach Training Event in LA area (if overseas, can be exchanged for a 2-day VIP training in Europe) - October 2018 and February 2019 in Los Angeles, CA
  • Facebook Private Student Group Community
  • Coaching Practicum
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Master Jungian Life Coach


Our Master's Level Mentorship is available for those who successfully completed the Jungian Life Coach Certification. The program is twelve (12) months and includes private mentorship with Dr. Rob Maldonado.

Learn advanced concepts of Jungian psychology including advanced shadow work, lucid dreaming and dream yoga, working with archetypes and collective unconscious. The second year of mentorship supports you as you continue on your own individuation process as well as get continued mentorship on working with your clients and their process.

Understand how to incorporate Master Level Jungian psychology and eastern philosophy in a unique way to empower clients to become their true selves.

Program Length: Twelve (12) Months

Participation: 100% Virtual

  • Twelve (12) Online Jungian Master Coach Training Modules
  • Bi-weekly private 1-1 mentoring calls with Dr. Rob Maldonado
  • Email Support in Between Calls
  • Customized training based on your own individuation process
  • Private In-Person 3-hour VIP Session with Debi and Dr. Rob Maldonado (near Los Angeles, CA)
  • (Optional Bonus) One ticket to a choice of two of our 2-day VIP Trainings held throughout the year in US and Europe.

Jungian Life Coach Training Curriculum Includes...

  • Introduction to Jungian Psychology
  • Development of the Persona/Ego Function
  • Introduction to Working with the Shadow
  • Art of Visualization and Creating Powerful Scripts for Transformation
  • Creating a Transformational Plan for Clients
  • Introduction to Dream Interpretation
  • Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious
  • Working with the Mother Archetype
  • Advanced Dream Interpretation
  • Dreams and Spirituality
  • Introduction to Spiritual Psychology
  • Coaching Techniques and Practicum

Specialized Niche Training

Plus you will receive customized trainings based on your desired specialized field in coaching:

  • Love and relationship coach Training
  • Wealth  & Success coach Training
  • Spiritual Coach Training
  • Mind and Body Training

Each student will receive a unique training experience so she/he can master skills in their chosen area.


About Carl G. Jung

Carl G. Jung was a visionary psychiatrist and philosopher whose ideas about the mind are only now beginning to be understood. He taught that our Persona is really a mask we wear in order to interact with the world. Jung postulated that within our personal unconscious there dwells the Shadow, an archetype comprised of all the things our conscious mind deems unacceptable, our fears as well as our hidden talents and aspirations. Facing our Shadow and reconnecting with the Collective Unconscious, a deeper layer of the mind common to all humanity and distinct from our personal unconscious, brings us in contact with the Anima, the archetypal feminine in a man, and Animus, the archetypal masculine in a women. Jung called this Individuation, the innate and transformative process that leads to the realization of our higher Self

The Jungian Spiritual Pscyhology ("JSP") program will train you in archetypal psychology, creative shadow and dream work and the use of visualization.


Dr. Carl Jung


Co-Founder Robert Maldonado, Ph.D. ("Dr. Rob")

This training program was developed by Dr. Robert Maldonado who has a Ph.D. in counseling psychology, expert in Jungian Psychology. Robert is recognized internationally as a human behavior and relationship expert. He has had a life-long interest in Jungian Psychology, dreams, world mythology and comparative religion. His diverse academic training includes neuropsychology, neurodevelopment, social neuroscience, and multicultural psychology, and his clinical experience includes working with individuals, groups, couples and families

Robert’s research interests include the exploration of consciousness, personal transformation, the creative process, and eastern philosophies such as Vedanta, Buddhism, and Taoism.

Here's What Our Past Students Say

“I highly recommend this life-changing program!”

Debbie Brush

Jungian Spiritual Life Coach

“I trained as a coach before I took this program. Debi and Dr. Rob take it to a much deeper level.”

Kristen Baker

Career Coach

“I finally let go of anxiety and it helped me in so many ways to get in control of my mind. I began getting paying clients before I even graduated.”

Andi Napier

Jungian Life Coach

“I apply the system in every area of my life. I am getting married to the love of my life thanks to this process.”

Stacey Sullivan

Jungian Life Coach

“I met the love of my life six weeks after I signed up for the program!”

Jillian James

Jungian Spiritual Life Coach

“I received an incredible transformation far more than I expected.”

Lesley Callan

Jungian Life Coach

Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will think of it as fate.

Carl G. Jung


Do I need to have a college degree or prior training in coaching to take this program?

No. This program provides full training to give you all the tools you need to start or enhance your coaching practice.

How much do graduates earn as a coach?

Our students have reported earning up to $40,000 in new coaching income BEFORE they graduate the program. Of course, we do not guarantee income because every person is responsible for marketing their own services, but most students are getting paying coaching clients while they are still doing the program.

What if I haven't gone through the process myself yet? Do I need to take another course first to prepare?

The benefit of this year-long program is that you have personal mentorship with Dr. Rob to go through your own individuation process. You will get a transformation, new skills to teach others - all in one!

Do I need to attend the Live Trainings to graduate?

Our Jungian Life Coach training is completely virtual so you do not need to travel to take the program - you can do it from anywhere in the world but we do offer optional in-person trainings in the US as part of our program.  We understand that our past students have come from all parts of the globe so we offer a private VIP Review Session with Robert to replace the live event to catch you up on the teachings

Do I need to be spiritual to join this training?

We prefer you have a desire to explore your own spirituality. You do not need to define it in anyway and you may become more clear on your spiritual beliefs as you go through the process.

Do I have to become a love coach?

Some of our graduates do love coaching but many have branched off into other areas. The process works for any individual with any life issue. Our coaches have become experts in health/body image, love and relationships, wealth and success and even self-love. You design your own Individuation Project ("I.P.") within the year to customize the process for your market.

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