Marina Del Rey, CA - October 6-8, 2017

Are you ready to live your DESTINY?

Your DESTINY is calling for MORE LOVE & MORE LIFE.

If you have ever struggled with not finding the right relationship, not knowing what you are meant to do with your life, felt confused about your life direction, or experienced a lack of meaning or purpose? Keep reading...

Maybe you know you have a calling...something special to share with the world but feel stuck in how to make your dreams real.

Stop waiting for a something to happen. It is YOUR TIME to make it real.

How would you feel if you could...

  • Find your true love after years of being stuck
  • Connect with your powerful self to choose the life you want
  • Get clear on your life vision
  • Live with freedom, joy and creativity
  • Cultivate courage to make your dreams come true
  • Wake up inspired every day with a renewed sense of meaning and belonging in the world


Do you feel like there is a force directing your life that is out of your control? You may think your future is pre-destined and that outside influences are in the way of you really having the life you want.

There are two types of DESTINY.

You can continue to live out your ego's destiny, which is to repeat the same conditioned patterns for the rest of your life. The ego will fight to keep you in your comfort zone and make it seem like moving toward your dreams is impossible. This is the DEFAULT DESTINY.

If you look at your current results, where you feel stuck and limited and where you feel that change is hard, that is a reflection of your Default Destiny. If unchanged, your unconscious patterns will direct your life and you will think that you just have bad luck or your dreams were not meant to be.


DATES:  October 6-8, 2017

PLACE: Marriott, Marina Del Rey, CA



  • Registration Noon-1pm
  • Event Begins at 1pm-4:45pm
  • Meet and Greet Cocktails with Deb & Rob - 5p-6pm


  • Coffee/Tea - 9:00am-9:30am
  • Main Event - 9:30am-6pm


  • Coffee/Tea - 9:00am-9:30am
  • Main Event -9:30am-4pm


In 3 days, we can show you how you can CHOOSE YOUR DESTINY

...so that you can find true love, improve your current relationship, see more opportunities to live your purpose and discover the power you have inside of you!

There is another DESTINY that, if accessed consciously, you are able to CHOOSE the direction of your life and are FREE TO CREATE beyond your past conditioning. This is your full potential.

The concept that you have access to the creative force in your life has been taught for thousands of years. This is not new information, but ordinary people do not have the capacity to live beyond their default. Ordinary people cannot harness the power of their creative mind.

You are not ordinary. You are here right now, reading this page which means... you are ready to access this higher knowledge and turn the tide of your life to expanded opportunities, more wealth and living your purpose.

Why you should attend Destiny....

  • Leave learning more about yourself and your life so that you can create what you want
  • Get unstuck and feel a sense of momentum toward your dream life
  • Really believe that you can change your DESTINY
  • Be around like-minded individuals and feel the collective energy of the group
  • Make new friends and reunite with old friends from our programs
  • Meet Debi and Rob up-close and personal and get laser coaching that transforms how you see the world
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