London, UK - May 5, 2017

Single and Ready for the Love of Your Life?

Know who you really are so you can get the love you really want.

If you keep finding the wrong people or struggling to make a deep connection in a romance that lasts, keep reading...

If you feel like you are always the one who is alone and have wondered from time to time that something may be wrong with you because you are still single, please hear this...there is nothing wrong with you.

You don't need to fix yourself, you need to become AWARE of your TRUE SELF so you can find the ONE who matches the real you.

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Couple in love laughing and having fun at sunset with sun flares

How would you feel if you could...

  • Find your true love after years of being stuck

  • Stop wondering if you are good enough and finally have the experience of true, inner confidence

  • Feel connected to your true, spiritual self and intuition in love and relationships

  • Relax and be yourself in relationships and be loved just as you are

  • Open your heart to the love that you deserve

  • Finally feel loved inside and out


What defines attraction and chemistry?

Do you feel like there is a force that pulls you toward the wrong people that you cannot control? Do you feel as though love is about fate or just finding the right person?

We unconsciously match up with partners who fit our emotional chemistry unconsciously. Most therapy models teach that you just have to deal with them and learn to work with them through communication.  We say, WHY SETTLE for a relationship that is so much work?

You can change your default attraction and have chemistry with the ONE who is meant for you. All you need to do is connect with the deeper part of yourself that dictates your love attraction.

We fit together like puzzle pieces, you can change your piece inside to match up with someone amazing!

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A Special Evening

Hosted by Debi & Dr. Rob Maldonado

In this special 2-hour evening event, we will show you how to OPEN YOUR MIND AND HEART so you can be ready in mind, body and soul for the Love of Your Life

In this special 2-hour Evening Seminar, Debi and Dr. Rob will give you a powerful experience to help you transform your love life based on Jungian Depth Psychology and eastern wisdom traditions. We will help you let go of the parts of you that have been defending against love and open your heart to true, lasting partnership.

This is an empowering, transformational seminar based on Debi and Dr. Rob's Creative Mind Process® experienced by thousands of single people across the world online and you get to experience it DIRECTLY IN PERSON!

Heart-Expanding Exercises

Participate in visualizations and meditations live to help you open your heart to the love of your life and let go of fear and anxiety around relationships.

Group Coaching

Experience a transformation by just being in the energy of the group and discovering more about yourself through the interaction with the questions and teachings.

DATES:  Friday, May 5, 2017

PLACE: Chesterfield Mayfair, London, UK

Special 2-Hour Event with Debi & Dr. Rob

  • Registration:  6pm (18:00)
  • Main Event - 6:30-8:30pm (18:30-20:30)



Why you should attend Destined for Love Seminar....

  • Experience a deep transformational shift in your psyche (without healing or therapy) based on real psychology and not fluff or magical thinking.
  • Get unstuck and feel a sense of momentum toward meeting your dream love in 2017 or deepening a new relationships
  • Really believe that you can find the partner you want
  • Be around like-minded individuals and feel the collective energy of the group
  • Make new friends and reunite with old friends from our programs
  • Meet Debi and Rob up-close and personal and get laser coaching that transforms how you see the world
  • Experience a live meditation and exercises to give you fast, direct shifts and changes in your relationship results