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    Advanced Course in Jungian Dream Interpretation and Becoming Your True Self

Coming Summer 2017...

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Increase Creativity & Intuition through Advanced Dreamwork

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Do you understand the symbols that show up in your dreams such as old friends, family members and strange objects or situations?

Do you want to improve your dream recall?

Have you ever experienced becoming awake in your dream and want to learn how to control your mind inside the dream?

With all the noise in our minds and distractions for the external waking world, deeper than meditation, there is a world within you waiting to be discovered. Your Dreams are one of the purest direct experience you can have with your own divine nature

When you can access your Inner Wisdom through dreams, you will be able to make better decisions, move faster and feel more at peace in your life.

Master the Art of Jungian Dreamwork to live a better life

What is Creative Dream Yoga?

A new approach to incorporating Dream Work into your personal and spiritual development. A unique integration of Eastern Yogic Dream practices and Jungian Dream Interpretation developed by Robert Maldonado, Ph.D. and Debi Berndt-Maldonado.

Most people overlook the incredible messages the dream content is revealing about our personal and professional lives as well as our spiritual development.

We have three levels of Dream Yoga that you can explore.

Level 1: Basics of Dream Interpretation and Consciousness Exploration

Level 2: Advanced Dreamwork and Lucid Dreaming - Details below

Level 3: Creative Dreaming Retreat - Santa Fe, NM - August 11-13, 2018

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Options for Creative Dream Yoga - Level One, Two & Three


Self-Paced On Demand Course Only

  • The 8-part Creative Dream Yoga Virtual Course includes:
  • Creative Dream Yoga Visualization Mp3 Set
  • Handouts and Exercises
  • Six Pre-recorded lectures and one group coaching call

Only 4 payments of $297 or PAY IN FULL for only $997


LIVE Course Begins July, 2017

  • The 6-part Creative Dream Yoga Course includes:
  • Creative Dream Yoga Visualization Mp3 Set
  • Handouts and Exercises
  • Six live lectures with group mentoring and dream interpretation


Only 4 payments of $297 or PAY IN FULL for only $997


Three-Day Advanced Dreamwork Retreat

  • This intensive retreat includes:
  • Three Day VIP Retreat in Santa Fe, NM
  • Welcome Gift and Dream Journal
  • One 45 Minute Dream Interpretation Call with Dr. Rob after the retreat

Application Only.