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Connect with your SOUL to find your SOUL-MATE

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Want to get engaged in a year?

You are not single because something is wrong with you. Finding true love is not about how to flirt or communicate properly. If you aren't in a great relationship, it is because you are unconsciously draw to the wrong people.

The key to find your soul-mate, you must know your own soul.

We are going to explain how you can connect with your true self so you are CLEAR and CONFIDENT when you date and you will easily recognize the ONE who is meant for you.

Dr. Rob Maldonado (psychologist) and Debi Berndt (author of LET LOVE IN) have been helping singles across the world discover how to be their TRUE selves, drop the dating games and stop the endless healing of the past that has been implied in so many other programs.

The good news is that you are not broken. Our work is based on Carl Jung's individuation process and we believe (as he did) that everyone is born with a great potential for love and that potential is never broken or damaged due to your personal history.


Conscious Chemistry®

Have you noticed you keep attracting the same pattern in relationships? No matter how many dating tips you hear, you always end up alone and dejected. The ones you like aren’t available and you have no chemistry with the ones who show interest and promise for a long-term relationship. Even so, you may have seen that a person is pursuing you until you show interest in them and they disappear.


The dating tips gurus will tell you that you did something wrong. You were too needy, you weren’t confident enough, you didn’t set boundaries on sex or that you have too much masculine or feminine energy.


Attraction has nothing to do with those surface behaviors and personality traits. Attraction runs deep. Chemistry is NOT conscious. No, we aren’t talking hormones here, we are talking about the unconscious mind.


The best time to work on your relationship is before you get in one.

-Carl Jung






If you don’t find out how you are unconsciously drawn to certain people, you will think that love is about fate. We believe that true love can be created through conscious will or what we call Creative Love®.

The Creative Mind Process helps you see beyond the mask of your surface personality to uncover the hidden parts of you that are currently operating your default-relationship dynamic to revealing your true self so you can change your attraction to find someone who matches the REAL YOU and that love lasts.

Have you been attracting the same patterns in relationships?

What if the secret to finding your true love wasn’t about having the right personality, the right income/career, the right behavior or being in the right place at the right time?

You may have been taught that love is either a happy accident or something you have to work at to attain through rigorous personal healing.

Our work, based on Jungian Spiritual Psychology, is that chemistry is NOT conscious. The reason we are attracted to certain people have less to do with our dating etiquette and more to do with a deeper part of ourselves.

Everyone you meet reflects back something in you and romantic relationships are no different.


Some believe you cannot change this, that you are stuck with your own projections and you just cope with them. You get advice on communication and boundaries but nothing inside changes.

The Creative Mind Process helps you not only see your mind in your relationships but you then have the ability to EXPAND YOUR PERCEPTION so that the relationships you experience CHANGE.

Our clients have seen changes in their family relationships and the types of men or women they are attracted to are VERY different.

The key to changing your love life has already been inside of you.


Debi and Dr. Rob


Debi and Dr. Rob know first hand how it feels to live on love default. Debi was single into her 40’s and never married. She kept attracting unavailable men and was always heartbroken. She tried every dating tip, healing modality and self-help workshop to uncover why she was such a failure in relationships. It wasn’t until she accidently discovered the unconscious drive that kept her stuck that she finally met Dr. Rob and they’ve been together for over ten years.

Dr. Rob knows what a challenge is to understand yourself in relationships. He often says that as a society we know more about the planets and quantum psychics than we do about the human heart and romantic attraction.

Together they developed the Creative Mind Process to help people discover their true self and create the life they want consciously. Their personal mission is to empower people to become more self-aware without healing or fixing themselves but accessing their perfection already within.

Creative Love - The Course

Connect with your Soul to find your SOUL-MATE

Would you like to:

  • Be more relaxed in dating and relationships
  • Have a clear sense of what you want and what you deserve without second-guessing yourself all the time
  • Date less and find the right match faster
  • Let go of the anxiety around being single forever and trust that love is yours
  • Connect with a partner who reflects your deepest, soulful self
  • Experience peace of mind that love you find will last
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The Course includes:
6 Powerful Love Creation Modules

Module 1: Discover your Inner Adam (or Inner Eve)

  • *Experience exercises that will help you connect with your inner soulmate to understand your attraction patterns in relationships
  • *Discover the Shadow of Your Inner Adam (or Eve) that is influencing your love choices
  •  *Transform your Inner Adam/Eve to Create Conscious Chemistry



Module 2: Love Beyond the Masks You Wear

  • Distinguish between your ego and your true self
  • Let go of old stories of your personal history taht defend you from great love
  • Connect with your Divine spiritual center so that you can feel more confident, grounded and intuitive in relationships.

Module 3: Reclaim Your Emotional Power

  • Instead of being free of your emotions, you want to use them as fuel for the process of growth.
  • Understand the creative energy in emotions to help you connect to potential mates on a deeper level
  • Open your heart to true intimacy and emotional expression in relationships


Dreams: Messages of Love

  • Learn the basics of dream interpretation
  • Start to use your dreams as a tool to help you on your journey to love
  • Enhance your dreaming through simple techniques

Make your Inner Soul-mate your OUTER Soul-mate

  • Advanced Inner Adam/Inner Eve visualization work
  • See your Inner Adam (or Eve) in dating and relating so that you can adjust the pattern to your ideal partner
  • Feel confident in your choices and decisions as you navigate a new relationship by understanding your own projections

Power of True Love

  • The secret to creating a love that lasts
  • How to use your new partnership to create something new together that impacts the world
  • Experience a higher love beyond infatuation

One (1) Live Group Coaching Call with Debi & Dr. Rob

Get personal attention to your questions as you go through the process and receive LIVE coaching directly with Debi and Dr. Rob on the call.

Learn from the other members of the group as they follow along the process with you. Cultivate a deeper understanding of the work as you see it in action.

Be inspired to make the shifts to find your great love!

Value $500

Creative Visioning


As integral part of the program, you will receive six (6) powerful visualizations to use in your creative visioning process designed by Debi Berndt.

  • Divine Inner Adam/Inner Eve
  • Exploring your Love Personas
  • Creating a New Love Persona
  • Shadow Room of Love
  • Inner Soulmate Transformation
  • Open Heart: Release the Story

Value $500


Regular Price: $1997

Only 4 easy payments of $525 or

$1997 (pay in full discount)


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Creative Love - The Course Includes:

  • Six (6)  Pre-recorded Webinar Trainings - (Value $3,000)

  • One (1) LIVE Group Coaching Call with Debi and Robert – (Value: $500)

  • Six (6)Powerful Visualizations for your Creative Visioning – (Value $500)

Over $4,000 in value!



  • Creative Love Visualization Set (11 mp3s) (Value: $1,000)

  • Two (2) Tickets to DESTINY - LIVE event in Fall 2016 (Value $2,000)

Here's What Our Past Students Say

“I highly recommend this life-changing program!”

Debbie Brush

Jungian Spiritual Life Coach

“I trained as a coach before I took this program. Debi and Dr. Rob take it to a much deeper level.”

Kristen Baker

Career Coach

“I finally let go of anxiety and it helped me in so many ways to get in control of my mind. I began getting paying clients before I even graduated.”

Andi Napier

Jungian Life Coach

“I apply the system in every area of my life. I am getting married to the love of my life thanks to this process.”

Stacey Sullivan

Jungian Life Coach

“I met the love of my life six weeks after I signed up for the program!”

Jillian James

Jungian Spiritual Life Coach

“I received an incredible transformation far more than I expected.”

Lesley Callan

Jungian Life Coach

Only 4 easy payments of $525 or

$1997 (pay in full discount)


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Our Guarantee

We believe in the honor system. We guarantee that we will deliver the most forward-thinking material in psychology that has been proven to transform the way you think about relationships forever.

We know that you may have invested in other dating programs and may have probably been disappointed and hesitant to try something else. We don't want those other programs to discourage you from getting this information, so here's what we are going to do to help you get access to this valuable process.

Of course, we cannot do the work for you, but we promise that if you follow our process you will see changes in yourself. We cannot guarantee you will meet a certain special someone in any specific time-frame, but we do know that the way you relate in relationships will change if you follow what we teach.

If you keep your part of the bargain, take consistent action to meet people and follow the program as directed by us and still honestly feel it isn't giving you what you want, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of purchasing the program.

That's how much we believe in our work and we trust that you would only ask for a refund if you felt you received no value from us.

Sound fair?


Robert Maldonado, Ph.D. ("Dr. Rob")

This training program was developed by Dr. Robert Maldonado who has a Ph.D. in counseling psychology, expert in Jungian Psychology. Robert is recognized internationally as a human behavior and relationship expert. He has had a life-long interest in Jungian Psychology, dreams, world mythology and comparative religion. His diverse academic training includes neuropsychology, neurodevelopment, social neuroscience, and multicultural psychology, and his clinical experience includes working with individuals, groups, couples and families

Robert’s research interests include the exploration of consciousness, personal transformation, the creative process, and eastern philosophies such as Vedanta, Buddhism, and Taoism.


Debi Berndt

Debi Berndt is recognized internationally as a human behavior and relationship expert. Single into her forties, she knows first hand how it feels to be frustrated with the dating process and feeling like she was going to be single forever. She applied these principles which lead her to meet Dr. Rob within 8 weeks. She is the author of the book, LET LOVE IN: Open Your Heart & Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner and has been featured by ABC News, NBC News, WB2 News, ABC Radio Network, Cosmopolitan, Publisher's Weekly, Natural Health and more.

She is happily engaged to Dr. Rob and together they enjoy a lasting, soulful relationship and extremely successful business.



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Heart to Heart Communication

Open to Receive Love & Abundance

Dating Confidence

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Meet Your Amazing Self

Dating Patience

Your Inner Love Guru

Keeping Your Boundaries

Breaking through the Wall From Love

Face the Doubter Meditation



Until you make the unconscious conscious it will direct your life and you will think of it as fate.

Carl G. Jung


Q:  I have a hard time visualizing, will this still work for me?
Everyone thinks in pictures, even if they don't realize it. Some people have found using Creative Love Visualizations have improved their ability to visualize. The process includes much more than just visualization, you will be able to see the patterns of love just by becoming more conscious of your experiences in your every day life.

Q: I have been single for years and haven't dated much in that time. Will I have to join online dating to meet someone?
Many of our students have been out of the dating world for a long time. In the process, we help you see how you are not seeing the opportunities and change your perception to find your match. We know that you can meet your ideal person anywhere, online or offline.

Q: I live in a city with very few available men. Do I need to move to find love?
No, actually you can be in a city full of available men and, if your mind is not aligned with love, you won't find true love no matter what the odds. We had many clients who live in remote areas find great matches because they shifted their perception inside and, remember, you only need one person!

Q: I have done other self-help courses and know all my "issues" and it still hasn't changed anything. Why is this course different?

Well, first of all, we don't see you as having anything to fix. Most self-help systems are coming from a place of fixing, based on therapy. Our process is about trascending your personal history and seeing yourself from a fresh perspective, not trying to heal wounds or label you as having issues. Another difference is that we don't work on just the patterns that you are already conscious of, we help you see the unconscious patterns that are working behind the scenes influencing your love life. You can reveal them without healing and easily start to change your results.

Q: I am in my 60's. Is it too late for me to even try?
It is never too late for love. The fact that you found this page is evidence that you are ready for this work. We work with clients of all ages and we know there is someone out there looking for you at your exact age. CREATIVE LOVE will help you change your perception so you can see new opportunities for love and see yourself as being loved.

Q: I read your book, LET LOVE IN, will this be similar content?
No, I wrote the book back in 2008. Since Robert and I started teaching together the process have evolved into new teachings.


Q: I am homeosexual. Will this course work for me if I am attracted to the same sex?
Yes! The beauty about this work is that you can work with your Inner Soulmate in any form male or female. You will find that this program is perfect for you and will help you not only find true love but be more comfortable with your sexual orientation.

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Only 4 easy payments of $525 or

$1997 (pay in full discount)

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