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An extraordinary adventure

Become Your Unlimited Self

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It is time to live creatively and realize your true, unlimited self.

Isn't it about time you lived on YOUR TERMS?

Are you tired of feeling stuck, helpless in making changes in your life and ready to become all you can be?

Are you ready for:

A relationship that will lift you up rather than bring you down?

A career that will fill your heart rather than drain your soul?

A lifestyle that is expansive and abundant rather than limited and focused on just getting by?

Then it is time for you to make this year your Creative Destiny!

Become a part of an ELITE GROUP in Debi & Dr. Rob's Inner Circle!


Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.

-Carl G. Jung


A Spiritual Psychology Group Coaching Program to reach your full potential

We stay true to the coaching model. We offer techniques and a process that help you reach your full potential. We do not see our clients as broken or need for healing. Our approach is empowering for high-functioning individuals like you who want to focus forward and create the life they love without being held back by the past.

A spiritual pscyhology for life.

In this elite group program you will:

*Move from living with your survival mind to expressing your creative potential

*Experience living without limits of your past conditioning

*Be open to a fulfilling and powerful romantic partnership

*Transform all of your personal and professional relationships

*Step into a career or work you love or take it to the next level

*Master the art of dream interpretation so you can use your dreams to guide your life

*Apply the spiritual psychology of wealth for increased abundance

*Access your Inner Muse (Inner Adam®/Eve) to guide your hero's journey

*Work with archetypes in your psyche so you are more in control of the direction of your life

*Become more spiritually-conscious

*Be a part of a powerful community of conscious women and some spiritually-minded men

*Powerfully embrace your true self


Believe in Your Ability to Create What You Want in Life


A year-long mastery program in the
psychology and philosophy of the
Creative Mind Process®

Creative Mind Process® Mastery

Begin the Creative Mind Process from understanding the basics of your psyche to advanced exploration in living an inspired, connected, creative and abundant life.

Creative Mind Yoga TM

Gain mindset tools and advanced meditation practices to boost your creativity and to inspire you with greater energy and more flow in creating what you want.

Creative Visioning Process

Master the art of working with the unconscious mind with powerful visualizations that generate faster results and lasting change. Interact with the archetypes in your psyche to master your reality.

Creative Dreamwork

Learn the levels of dreaming, the dream types and be able to interpret the messages from your unconscious mind to facilitate your  process. Get support in the Private Facebook Group to help with dream interpretation.

Creative Love®

Allow yourself to be more fully connected to your heart and soul so that you can draw in your ideal partner. Deepen your current relationship for more harmony, lasting romance and to create a bigger vision together as a couple.

Creative Wealth

In order to become successful, you must also master your mindset around money. This program gives you all the tools to transform your Money Shadow so you can create abundance in your life.

Personal Mentoring:
Private Coaching Calls with Debi & Dr. Rob

As a participant in our year-long program, you will receive Four (4) 45-minute private coaching sessions with Debi or Dr. Rob (split 2 each) to provide confidential, personal attention for your process.

These sessions can be used for personal dream interpretations and guidance, shadow work, understanding where you are in the process or help overcoming obstacles to reaching your goals.

A $4,000 value!


Our mission

Here's what our past students have to say...

I lost hope to find love....until I found this work.
I am now in a relationship that’s beyond my wildest dreams. “I felt I had lost all hope of meeting a truly good man that I would also fall in love with. After a lot of not-so-great relationships, I felt I kept making one bad choice after another. Not having much else to lose, I kept with our program and did my homework. Not only did I meet the most amazing man a month after writing that email, we now live together in a beautiful apartment, about to take our relationship to the next level. I’m so grateful for Debi for not letting me settle, for guiding me to make better choices and helping me find the love and respect for me and through that, the most loving, respectful relationship that’s beyond my wildest dreams.” — Annabella | NYC  

This is much more than about finding love.
“I was in a spot in my life where I knew I needed to change.  That life had so much more to offer and I did not want to go on living the way I was anymore.  I had an urge inside me to find the greatness within myself.  Something others could see, but I did not believe in.   I was asking the universe for guidance and stumbled upon something from Debi online.  My life has changed so much since beginning EIY.  I am confident, grounded and happy.  I am so much more successful at work; finding opportunities I thought were ‘beyond my reach’.  I even lost 30 pounds (shadows and projections were weighing me down!).  People (even my executive boss) say, “Wow Stacey, you are a completely different person”.  I know I am not a different person, I am just finally in touch with my true self.   I have made so many new and lasting friendships.  I glow and love sharing my energy and love with everyone around me.  Have I met my husband yet, yes! I am getting married in 2016.  Have I established the spiritual foundation and understanding of my true self, Yes!”.  Thank you Debi and Roberto. Thank you with all of my heart for entering my life at the right time, for being fun, energetic and caring teachers and mentors.” – S. Sullivan | Cambridge, MA

I learned to show up in my life in a more authentic and powerful way
I’ve been experiencing much success in different areas of my life. I’ve spent a lot of energy for sustaining that being perfect and successful persona and felt I need to have everything under control. My creativity was completely shut down and my life was totally organized around safety and security. I felt life isn’t meant to be like that and soon after I started exploring new ways of being I met Debi and Roberto. The remarkable teachings and practical tools I’ve learned from Debi and Roberto have helped me access sources of energy and creativity I have never think possible and available. I have learned how to show up in life in a more authentic and more powerful way, how to deepen my work and relationships, and how to live my life with greater courage, confidence and passion.   Coaching turned out to be critical for success of my work. I started only with lectures believing I could do it by myself. Such an approach has only delayed the results and made progress almost impossible. Debi and Roberto have been creating and offering their teachings in a very diligent, brilliant and peculiar way. I’ve been following their work for two years and I’m so grateful for the support, confidence and care they’ve been offering.    -M.D. | Slovenia


Our Exclusive VIP Group Mentoring Program includes:
The program is twelve (12) months in length and for those who want to master their creative mindset to
develop themselves and their relationships personally and professionally. 
Begins January 20, 2016
Space is limited in this Elite Private Group.

Four (4) Private Mentoring Phone/Skype Sessions with Debi and Robert (Split 2 each) – (Value: $4,000)
Twelve (12) Online Teaching Modules and LIVE Q&A with Debi & Dr. Rob (lifetime access) – (Value $12,000)

New Dream Yoga Course and visualizations (Value: $2,000)

New Creative Wealth Program 2016 and visualizations (Value $2,000)
 New Creative Love 2016 (new live course similar to EIY with new teachings!) which includes 6 LIVE TRAINING Calls and 2 Q&A Calls (Value $2,000)
Interact directly with Debi & Dr. Rob in our Private Facebook Forum for Creative Destiny VIP Members Only (Value $12,000)
One LIVE 2-Day Immersion Transformational Event  (Value $5,000)
Choice of Santa Barbara or Florence, Italy!*
*can be substituted for a 90 minute VIP Skype Session with Debi & Dr. Rob

Over $40,000 in value!

Your Investment: $15,000
Discounted price below expires 1/5/16
Pay In Full Discount: $11,997
$2,000 deposit and just 12 easy payments of $997

 Place your $250 partial deposit and get a consult with Debi Berndt to see if this program is the right fit.

Special 2-Day Live Creative Destiny VIP Immersion

Included in this program, you get to participate in this LIVE 2-day Creative Destiny VIP Immersion Weekend (limit to ten people).  You will get VIP access in person to Debi and Dr. Rob as they facilitate a powerful transformational experience. Weekends are limited to those in the year-long program so everyone is on the same level and gets the higher teachings!

You get the choice of:

Santa Barbara, CA (Spring 2016)
Florence, Italy (Fall 2016)

Or, if you don't want to travel you can exchange for a 90-minute private VIP Session with Debi & Dr. Rob on Skype on video and recorded!

Note: Meals, Hotel and airfare are NOT included.


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About Debi & Dr. Rob

The Creative Mind Process® was developed by Debi Berndt & Dr. Robert Maldonado.

Debi Berndt is the author of the best-selling book, LET LOVE IN: Open Your Heart & Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner (Wiley 2010) and has appeared on NBC, ABC News, Fox News, Cosmopolitan, Your Tango, Huffington Post and more.

Dr. Rob Maldonado has a Ph.D. in counseling psychology, expert in Jungian Psychology. Robert is recognized internationally as a human behavior and relationship expert. He has had a life-long interest in Jungian Psychology, dreams, world mythology and comparative religion. His diverse academic training includes neuropsychology, neurodevelopment, social neuroscience, and multicultural psychology, and his clinical experience includes working with individuals, groups, couples and families

Debi and Rob’s research interests include the exploration of consciousness, personal transformation, the creative process, and eastern philosophies such as Vedanta, Buddhism, and Taoism.

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The two most important days of your life:
The day you were born and the day you finally realized WHY.


Make this year your Creative DestinyTM


Do I need to take any prior training to participate this program?

No. This program provides full training to give you all the tools you need to transform your life through the Creative Mind Process and advanced teachings in Jungian Psychology & Eastern Philosophy.

Do I need to attend the Live Training Event?

We prefer that you attend the live training but we understand that our past students have come from all parts of the globe so we offer a private VIP 90 minute Session with Debi and Robert to replace the live event to catch you up on the teachings

What results can I expect from this program?

This completely depends on you. What you put into it and how dedicate you are to the applying the process in your everyday life. Past clients have found the love of their life, changed careers, generated more income and were table to see opportunities that changed their life. The most common outcome of this work is a peace of mind and feeling a sense of control of their life's destiny and choices.

Do I need to be spiritual to join this training?

We prefer you have a desire to explore your own spirituality. You do not need to define it in anyway and you may become more clear on your spiritual beliefs as you go through the process. Our focus is on eastern philosophy particularly the philosophy of Yoga and Vedenta.

Will this help me grow my business?

Absolutely. One of the key components in business growth is growing into the person who can experience massive success in their life. Personal growth precedes business growth.

Will this help me find true love?

The process of individuation is all about your relationships. You will see that the key to love is not in external actions or behaviors, but by letting down the barriers within yourself that you have been defending love in the first place. The process works for any individual of any sexual orientation with any life issue and the search for love is truly a calling to something bigger inside of you.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee
We want the RIGHT people in this program and want you to feel comfortable making this investment.
You can take this program for the first 30 days, if you don't feel it is right for you at your stage in development, we will give you a full refund.
No refunds will be given after 30 days or after your first session with Debi or Dr. Rob.

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