It is time to make money doing the work you LOVE!

Imagine that you can:

  • grow your income in your small business, enjoying the flow v. fearing the end of month bills
  • leave your corporate job and make great wealth
  • get the promotion that you desire and continue to succeed in your career
  • discover your true purpose and know how to use money to serve that purpose (not the other way around)
  • understand your true divine nature is unlimited, abundant and creative



Creative Wealth & Abundance - Virtual Program

You Get:

  • 5 Pre-Recorded Training Modules
  • 1 Bonus Pre-Recorded FAQ Call
  • BONUS: 4 MP3 Visualization Set

Live Program is over, but replays are now available!

3 easy payments of $237
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Stop letting money control your life.

You may feel like there is no way you can leave your corporate job to pursue your dreams because of fears of poverty and losing your lifestyle. You are just getting by paying the bills every month and wonder why you can never get ahead. You put off vacations, extra spending and little luxuries because you are afraid of that dreaded "rainy day." Money has held you hostage. It rules your decisions and one financial set-back or unexpected expense can ruin your day.


You work hard to make just enough money.

You are smart and educated and think that maybe you need a good financial plan or work overtime or get a second job to catch up on your debts. No matter how good your plans are, you get passed up for the raise or promotion or your company downsizes and you get laid off. Even if the abundance is flowing, there is always overtime and stress that prevents you from focusing on your personal life. You yearn for something more but it feels like you are trapped. Maybe you started your own side-business part-time and want to do it full-time. You can't seem to make enough to support your current lifestyle but you really want to leave the 9-5 behind. You have a dream but you are too scared to leave that steady paycheck to step out on your own. Your money worries keep waiting for a miracle to happen to give you a sign to finally be free to do the work you love.

Debi's Story

Hi, I am Debi Berndt, the Co-founder of Creative Love. There was a time when my only goal was to become a wife and mother. I really had no desire to have a career. As the years passed without my husband showing up, I fell into a marketing job at big-name entertainment company. It was fun for a while, but I sought something more. Over the years of my self-discovery process, I reawakened my dream of becoming a writer. My plan was make my dreams come true, but I was unclear of what I wanted to do to support my writing. My fear was that I would starve doing what I loved. I had no idea about the power of creating wealth from within. So, I stayed in the corporate world for another ten years. Each time I tried to leave to pursue something on my own, I got a raise or new job opportunity and was seduced back into the corporate world. Then one lucky day I was laid off and I knew it was MY TIME.

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I went to hypnotherapy school with very little savings and started my first business which reached 6-figures within 18 months. I was making MORE than I was in my corporate job, working part-time and LOVED my work with people and their subconscious mind. I met my true love, Robert, and then after that got my first book deal with J. Wiley & Sons for LET LOVE IN: Open Your Heart & Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner. In 2012, Robert and I joined forces to develop our multi-million dollar international personal development company, Creative Love.

We attribute 100% our success to our work in spiritual psychology, not luck or crafty marketing. I look back at that scared woman who was a slave to the corporate paycheck, too shy to show her gifts and feeling she wasn't good enough to find true love and I am so amazed at what I have accomplished. But truly, more than just finding a great partner and making great money, I am proud of myself for taking the challenge to have an inspired, extraordinary life.

I want every woman and man to know that life is too short to wait around for the right time, to be limited by what your bank account says or what your industry says you can be paid. Life is too short to feel not enough or that you don't have the right talents or afraid of what people will think. Don't let lack of money get in the way of living your dreams. You are much bigger than money, you are unlimited!


Creative Wealth & Abundance - Virtual Program

You Get:

  • 5 Pre-Recorded Training Modules
  • 1 Bonus Pre-Recorded FAQ Call
  • BONUS: 4 MP3 Visualization Set

Live Program is over, but replays are now available!

3 easy payments of $237
or $647 pay in full

You are not what happened to you...

There are so many excuses not to have the money you want in your life. You blame past circumstances for your current financial situation such as an illness or someone you care about was sick, you had a bad marriage with divorce debts or you made bad investments. You may feel unable to change your money situation because your company is not giving raises or promotions, your career has limited income potential, you don't have a partner to share expenses, or just you feel incapable of creating a budget to make ends meet.

You can have an excellent financial plan, marketing strategy for your business or job search, and work really, really hard to reach your goals. You are dedicated, you are committed. You wonder what the heck more can you do!


The Power of An Abundant Mindset

Creative Wealth

You hold the key inside to change your life direction and experience. If your mindset is filled with fear or limitation, you will keep getting results that reflect fear and limitation. Your financial results are the effect and you have the cause within you. So, instead of giving your power away to external forces and circumstances, you can change the CAUSE within you and create abundance in your life.

The Real Science of Mindset is beyond magical thinking.


You may already believe in positive thinking and understand that your thoughts create your life. You may have been told that you need to "rewire your brain" for success and wealth. You listen to wealth subliminal audios that are supposed to shift your core beliefs so you can attract money. It feels like a lot of work, thinking positive all the time and doing all the crazy rituals and nothing is changing. Your cash flow is inconsistent and you keep searching for another magical solution.

There are tons of these so-called brain-entrainment, vibration-raising meditations out there that claim to help you attract money. Sure they sound really cool and scientific, but they are not. Dr. Robert Maldonado has worked with the top researchers in the field of neuroscience and these programs are not evidence-based. We aren't saying they are false, but currently, there is no evidence that supports these techniques by real scientists beyond a small percentage who will get a placebo effect.

You see, your brain is constantly changing every time you read something or learn something new. There is no magic here. Instead of bothering with pseudo-science, you can have an abundant life by understanding the spiritual psychology of money based on real science without all the magical thinking. Get ready for the real deal.

There is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing to heal.

Just because you don't have the money you want right now doesn't mean there is something wrong with you. Your money challenge is not because of "wounds" from your past family history, ancestry or being born into a poor family. The events that happened to you early in life have shaped your ideas about wealth and receiving, but it is a normal life path of every human. You don't need to heal anything, but transcend the past and face forward into your full potential.

You don't need to erase negative beliefs, be more confident, write fantasy checks or do a crazy money rituals to draw in more money.

You can learn to use the creative power of the unconscious ALREADY ACTIVE WITHIN YOU to support you in creating your life.


You were meant to do something bigger...


You weren't just born to report to a job everyday to pay your bills. You know there is more to your life...

You were born with a mission, but that was sidetracked by the lure of success the old-fashioned way - corporate America. The corner office, 401k, office perks and maybe even falling into a career that you didn't go to college for.

You allow yourself to dream sometime of another life. A life where you are a famous author writing romance novels or a motivational speaker at TED or taking groups on spiritual retreats and helping others. But, you are afraid to change because of one thing....MONEY.

Maybe you LOVE what you do but you are constantly worried about money. You wonder why you are working so hard and not enjoying life enough. You are turning what was once a passion into a money-making treadmill. You lost your vision because you are focused too much on survival and covering your financial obligations.

When you understand that money is a tool, not a destination, you can powerfully have all the abundance you want and be free to live your mission.

Why is it so hard to change your money results?

Your ego naturally has fear around change. The ego will sabotage your efforts by warning you that you are going to feel guilty leaving others behind, that having too much money threatens your security, that people will judge you for being wealthy and that you won't be liked. Telling your conscious mind that it is good to be rich in an affirmation is not enough. You must access a deeper desire from the creative source within you to transcend the ego and allow all the things you want to create in life effortlessly.

Most people teach that the "subconscious" is blocking money so you tried to fix the subconscious, but according to Jungian Psychology we know that the unconscious mind is a creative center inside of you. It is the EGO that is putting on the brakes and keeping your true potential hidden in the shadow. You can bring your full potential to consciousness so that you can use it to freely create in your life, rather than being led blindly thinking that fate is in control.

A completely different money program

Here's the thing. Most money courses will have you focus on your money beliefs, your money story, the money "blocks" so you can get rich. The problem with this approach is that your money "issue" is most likely not about MONEY at all. So you spend months and years trying to rewire your money beliefs and wonder why nothing has changed. This doesn't work because you are not addressing the underlying unconscious assumptions that are creating the money result that is also influencing other areas of your life.

There are also many positive psychology methods out there but they only address the conscious mind. They will tell you to focus on your goal, visualize it and make an action plan to get the money. This may make you feel better for a while and might be a good first step, but it isn't enough for lasting change because the ideas you need to work with are in your unconscious mind.

Debi Berndt & Dr. Rob Maldonado

The Creative Mind Process™ was developed by Dr. Robert Maldonado (psychologist ) and Debi Berndt (author of LET LOVE IN), based on Carl Jung's individuation process and eastern philosophy, not magical thinking. They have helped thousands of people across the world with this process to find true love, find their life purpose, reconnect to their spiritual nature and, yes, make more money.


Dr. Robert Maldonado has a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from the University of Wisconsin. He practiced psychology for decades and worked directly with some of the top minds in multicultural psychology, neuropsychology and early childhood development. He is a life-long student of eastern philosophy including Vendanta, the original philosophy of yoga (not just the exercise). As an entrepreneur and in order to have the freedom to realize his dreams he started Creative Mind Media with his love and business partner, Debi Berndt.


Debi Berndt was trained as a clinical hypnotherapist at one of the top hypnotherapy training schools in the world. After twenty years as a corporate marketing executive in entertainment and internet-based start-ups. Her dream was to leave the corporate world to help people, meet the love of her life and write books and teach workshops around the world. She made her dream come true and wants you to know you can do it too. She is the best-selling author of the book Let Love In: Open Your Heart & Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner (Wiley 2010).

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Through following these principles they created a multi-million dollar personal development company from nothing. They didn't have rich parents or influential friends, they built their business by using the Creative Mind Process. They believe the best part of their work is that they get to share it with each other and create something new that has the unique combination of both of their talents and gifts.


You will realize that the money isn't outside and just a simple change of perception will allow you to see the wealth that has always been surrounding you. Using this process you can attract as much money as you need as a tool to create the life you want, doing what you love and be happy so that you can stop letting money rule your state of mind and your decisions


How to do what you love, make more money and be happier in life.

A spiritual psychology of money

Live Program is over, but replays are now available!

This 6-part Virtual Program is going to take you step-by-step to help you uncover the hidden barriers to allowing money to flow into your life effortlessly. Based on Jungian Spiritual Psychology, you will learn how to create wealth through the power of your mind by connecting to your true self. Moving beyond ego-thinking and survival-mode, you will grow into a higher place of knowledge and awareness that allows you to literally shift your reality to reflect your conscious desires. This idea of perception and creating our reality is actually backed by science and not some new-age fantasy.


  • Get clear on the true source of money so that you can access it at will
  • Reclaim your natural power to create abundance
  • See the direct connection with the "real world" and your internal mindset
  • Move from surviving in the service of money to thriving and letting money be of service for your dream life
  • Gain confidence to move to the next level financially
  • Change careers and really believe you can make money doing what you love
  • Stop the end of month anxiety to pay your bills
  • Feel spiritually connected so you can access the natural flow of abundance in all areas of your life.

Creative Wealth & Abundance - Virtual Program

You Get:

  • 5 Pre-Recorded Training Modules
  • 1 Bonus Pre-Recorded FAQ Call
  • EXTRA BONUS: 4 MP3 Visualization Set

Live Program is over, but replays are now available!

3 easy payments of $237
or $647 pay in full



In this class you will:

  • Be clear on the nature of reality, law of perception and latest discoveries in neuroscience of how the mind constructs your reality so you can believe you are a creative force to draw in the money you want
  • See how money is perception and worth is subjective based on your personal history so you can understand why you are getting your current money results
  • Define your 90-day money goal so that you can make a huge shift in your money reality right away

Access the true source of money so that you see more cash flow in your bank account each month (without working harder)



In this class you will:

  • Understand what Money Karma is based on its true meaning in eastern philosophy so that you can see how you change your thoughts and actions to experience more money in your life
  • See how you are the source of money and that you don’t need to work harder, smarter or change anything external to change your situation
  • Create a Reverse-Engineering of your Money Results and Identify Exactly Where You are Off-course and Regain Control of your Money Karma

Change your money mindset so that you can be in your power around creating money for the rest of your life



In this class you will:

  • Define your Money Persona that causes all the money anxiety in your life so you can be free of money-stress
  • Realize the dynamic of the relationship you have with money and wealth and start to reveal the underlying assumptions about your current financial situation
  • Become clear of who you are beyond your money persona so that you can unveil your true, wealthy self

How to receive great abundance so that you can experience treating yourself to daily luxuries as a normal part of your life (rather than just getting by, or barely paying the bills)



In this class you will:

  • Reclaim rejected or discarded parts of your psyche so that you can express your whole self and your full potential
  • Use the emotional energy that was being suppressed or rejected (instead of trying to get rid of it) to catapult you forward to reach your dreams faster
  • Be in control of your emotions so that you can make more intuitive decisions around money and your personal path to success

Uncover your Money Shadow so you can be free from past conditioning and let money flow (without blame or shame)



In this class you will:

  • Gain more access to your spiritual center, your true self, to align with your life's purpose
  • Begin to get clear on your life purpose and mission so that money can support YOU instead of you working for money
  • Make a permanent shift in your psyche around the psychology of money so that it no longer keeps you prisoner and holds you back from your mission in the world.

Create your New Wealthy Life Vision and Mission so you can have lasting abundance and inner peace from your true spiritual center.



Listen in to frequently asked questions by class attendees while working with the Creative Mind Process. This is a previously recorded Q&A call we did earlier this year.


Creative Wealth & Abundance - Virtual Program

You Get:

  • 5 Pre-Recorded Training Modules
  • 1 Bonus Pre-Recorded FAQ Call
  • EXTRA BONUS: 4 MP3 Visualization Set

Live Program is over, but replays are now available!

3 easy payments of $237

or $647 pay in full

EXTRA BONUS! MP3 Visualization Set

Four powerful money and success visualizations to help you align with your true purpose, perceive more money opportunities and create more success and wealth in your life. All visualizations are personally written and produced by Debi Berndt.

  • Unlimited Money Flow
  • Money Shadow Revealer Experience
  • Discover Your Purpose Journey
  • Experience Your Dream Wealthy Life

Value $500


Our Promise to You

Since we believe in personal responsibility, we can in no way guarantee that you will make more money or achieve success without your full participation in the program.

We can offer you this promise. We give 100% to every person who attends our online courses and in-person events. If match our commitment to you in this program with your participation and openness to learn, you will see a change in your life that will be quite dramatic. The future is in your hands.

We also understand that some people are not ready for this level of spiritual work. That some people are really just looking for quick fixes to just get money and the psychology and philosophy that we teach may be too advanced for them. So we offer this option. Take the first class, if it feels like it isn't a good fit at the stage you are at in your personal and spiritual development you can ask for a refund. We highly recommend that you listen to our preview call so you understand that this isn't like any other money course you will ever take. We promise no magical thinking, pure psychology and eastern philosophy.

We can guarantee, however, that if you don't address your unconscious mind, you will keep getting the same results you have in your life right now.