Debi Berndt-Maldonado May 8, 2017 1 Comment Articles, Career-Purpose, Creating Your Life, Dating & Relationships, Money & Success, Spiritual Development

Resistance? If it doesn’t come easy, there must be something wrong

After years of personal development, I fell into the trap of searching for the path of least resistance. Whenever things got hard for me, I would beat myself up and think that ...

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Debi Berndt-Maldonado July 4, 2013 8 Comments Articles, Career-Purpose, Confidence & Self-Esteem, Creating Your Life, Personal Growth, Success & Wealth

They laughed at my dreams, but I didn’t let that stop me.

There was a time when I had dreams but had no idea how to make them a reality. I dreamed of finding a true love and doing something meaningful as a career.  I encountered so many ...

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