Debi Berndt-Maldonado November 19, 2015 5 Comments Breakup Recovery, Confidence & Self-Esteem, Featured Relationship Advice, Love Moments, Personal Growth, Relationships

Why Love Pushes Some People Away

Have you ever experienced getting close to someone and suddenly, without warning, they create some sort of drama and fall out of your life? This happens with dates, friendships ...

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Debi Berndt-Maldonado April 4, 2015 Breakup Recovery, Love Moments

The best way to deal with emotions and feelings

Emotions are not the enemy and are a wonderful opportunity to experience the fullness of life. Listen to Debi Berndt, co-founder of Creative Love, explain what emotions are and ...

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Debi Berndt-Maldonado April 2, 2014 1 Comment Articles, Breakup Recovery, Dating & Relationships, General Love Advice, Love Moments

Getting over the hurt when a relationship ends

When a relationship doesn’t work out, you may have experienced the pain of heartache especially when the ending wasn’t your choice. The ache can feel very familiar, you’ve ...

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Debi Berndt-Maldonado February 2, 2013 4 Comments Articles, Breakup Recovery, Dating & Relationships, Love Moments

The best break-up ever

I was still single when I was pitching my first book at a writer’s conference. No matter where I was, I was on the lookout for my next boyfriend. As I stood in the registration ...

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Debi Berndt-Maldonado March 3, 2009 Breakup Recovery, Relationships

How to Let Go of Resentment

Listen to the replay of the Love Coach Show hosted by Debra Berndt with interview of Jane Straus ( about how resentment keeps love out of your life and how to let ...

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Debi Berndt-Maldonado January 5, 2009 1 Comment Breakup Recovery, Featured Relationship Advice, Infidelity, Internet Marketing

Love Coach Show – Attracting the Perfect Relationship

Hypnotic Love Coach, Debra Berndt ( host of the Love Coach Show welcomes special guest, Angela Bear ( Angela is a Spiritual Business Advisor ...

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Debi Berndt-Maldonado February 16, 2008 Articles, Breakup Recovery, Videos

Hypnosis to Heal Loneliness

Listen to Debra Berndt, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Dating Expert/Author/Speaker discuss how to heal loneliness through the power of hypnosis featured on Denver’s CHannel 7 ...

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