Certified Coach Directory


Listed below are coaches who are certified in the Creative Mind Process® and have completed the year-long mastery Jungian Spiritual Life Coach Training and those who graduated our previously-named Creative Love Coaching Academy and completed our Love Coach training.

Note: These are not staff coaches and are not employees of Creative Mind Media. The coaches listed below have their own private coaching business and you can contact them directly for services.

Certified MASTERS & ADVANCED Jungian Life Coach

Andi Forness

Andi FornessCertified Master Jungian Spiritual Life Coach

I help women that are burned out and frustrated with online dating, find fun and fantastic dates, find their Soulmate and fall madly in love. AndiForness.com

    Kristen Baker

    Kristen BakerCertified Master Jungian Spiritual Life Coach

    Want to be valued and appreciated for your greatest gifts and talents? Working hard, but not seeing the payoff you want? Afraid to pitch/sell your talents and face rejection? Mastering sales is essential to success and fulfillment. And you too can learn to not only master sales, but LOVE it. KristenBakerCoach.com

      Jane Omohundro

      Jane OmohundroCertified Master Jungian Spiritual Life Coach

      Ready to unleash your inner and outer radiance? Hi, I’m Jane, a certified Image & Love coach where my services help women own a love that illuminates from within and a killer style that reveals their true, authentic selves. JaneOCoaching.com

        Amanda Scarcella

        Amanda ScarcellaCertified Master Jungian Life Coach

        Spirit-Centered Emotional Eating Expert helping women say goodbye to diet culture and hello to a relationship with food that’s healthy and REAL. AmandaScarella.com

          Liliana Patricia

          Liliana PatriciaCertified Advanced Jungian Spiritual Life Coach

          I help women who are feeling stuck and live unhappy and unsatisfied lives tap into their power, so that they can gain the confidence to create the life they want. I serve as a guide and give you tools, so you can access your own inner power. This is done by utilizing Jungian Psychology and Eastern Philosophy. souljourneylifecoach.com

            Marcella Diane

            Marcella DianeCertified Advanced Jungian Life Coach

            Want to create a body and life you love without willpower? Want to reach your full potential but afraid you won’t get there because of excess weight, low energy or poor health? Good health and fitness is vital to living out your best life, and you can not only get there, but stay there, feeling amazing, full of freedom and satisfied. Marcella-Diane.com

              Jillian James

              Jillian JamesCertified Advanced Jungian Spiritual Life Coach

              I work with strong, spiritual women who are ready to take on the journey of discovering the true power that lies within; women who are ready to find love with the partner of their dreams and those who are in search of finding the path towards living a life filled with joy. Take the next step into the world you thought only existed in your dreams. ourjoyfulpath.com

                Certified Jungian Life Coach

                Lesley Callan

                Lesley CallanCertified Jungian Spiritual Life Coach

                Our method empowers the individual to (finally) create the results they want in love. We invite you to fill out a private coaching application on our website. Jungiannewlifecoaching.com

                  Lee Lewalski

                  Lee LewalskiCertified Jungian Spiritual Life Coach/Creative Love Coach Instructor

                  I help successful single women over 40 who are frustrated looking for a partner to find that deep true love they desire. With my guidance they discover how to create the love they desire and attract a relationship that works instead of accepting the current default way of attracting men which ends in heartbreak. LeeLewalski.com

                    Debbie Brush

                    Debbie BrushCertified Jungian Spiritual Life Coach

                    Journey Inward to find answers to your questions, experience real and lasting change and live in the experience of boundless wisdom, gentle guidance and true compassion that is your birthright. JourneyInwardCoaching.com

                      Jo Ann Fritz

                      Jo Ann FritzCertified Jungian Spiritual Life Coach

                      It's never too late for love. Are you still looking for love in your 50's. 60's, or even 70's+? Let me assure you - It is not too late to find love! At age 69 after 17 years of singleness, I found love! Let me assure you - it is not too late to find love. Let it begin now. Contact me for a free consult and allow me to help you find love in 2016! NewPathwaysforLiving.com

                        Certified Creative Love Coach - Creative Love Coaching Academy

                        Renee Suzanne

                        Renee SuzanneCertified Creative Love Coach

                        o you have everything but The One? Have you been hoping that the right person will come along one of these days and everything will be different with him or her? You don’t have to wait any longer, love is possible for you now if you take action and commit to your dreams. Together, we can uncover what lies between you and the loving relationship you’ve always desired. You can have it. I can help. ReneeSuzanneCoaching.com

                          Helene Dion

                          Helene DionCertified Creative Love Coach

                          J'aide les personnes célibataires, intelligentes et ouvertes d'esprit à devenir bien dans leur peau, être heureuses, ouvrir leur coeur et trouver l'amour véritable. À l'aide de la psychologie de Carl Jung et la philosophie orientale, je les aide à surmonter les obstacles à l'amour et à devenir la meilleure version d'elle-même afin qu'elles puissent atteindre leur plein potentiel, en amour ainsi que dans toutes les sphères de leur vie.HeleneDionCoaching.com

                            Heather Lynn Temple

                            Heather Lynn TempleCertified Creative Love Coach

                            I specialize in working with men and women, leading them to drop the game-playing, be their authentic self, and use their experiences in love to lead them to the right partner. My passion is helping men, in particular, demystify the dating process so that they attract a deeper, more conscious woman. HeatherLynnCoaching.com

                              Shana Campbell

                              Shana CampbellCertified Creative Love Coach

                              I enjoy coaching and grateful to be living my life purpose. I am a Certified Creative Love™ Coach that assists individuals to grow more in self-love. I believe that self-love is the foundation in any and every relationships; and this is an area that is often overlooked. My overall goal is to help individuals to rediscover the love from within. When a person grows more in self- love, they will gain more clarity in love, life, and overall relationships. My personal mission is to assist successful single men and women to grow in self-love to live their ideal life. ShanaLoveCoaching.com

                                Alaa Alqassimi

                                Alaa AlqassimiCertified Creative Love Coach/Instructor

                                My passion and journey started many years ago. I infuse my coaching techniques with inspirations from my daily readings and use the Creative Mind Method (CMM) which has strong psychological principles and includes the universal laws of manifestation in its process. If you want to improve your finances, grow in your career & life dream, have or develop lasting relationships and find a fulfilled happy life, I can coach you to help you create your desires.alaa-alqassimi.com