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Coaching is a rapidly growing global industry. Every day more and more people are choosing to enter this industry as a way to earn a living while helping others.

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The central impetus for the creation of the Jungian Spiritual Psychology (JSP) coaching program is that for most people the search for love, success and a meaningful life is about tapping into inner resources through a process of self-discovery. Our challenge was to integrate the principles of Jungian psychology and Eastern philosophy into a coaching model that is accessible to anyone interested in transforming their life.

There is a demand for highly-trained coaches that go beyond therapy-based modalities or action steps or that simply give general advice about life’s challenges. The JSP training program will prepare you to relate to a highly-educated, mature and culturally diverse population. Other processes only focus on external and superficial behaviors but do not address the core unconscious.

We offer coach training, spiritual training, personal mentorship and business building so that you can start building your coaching business while you are still in the program. We believe that the coach needs to go through a self-development process to be prepared to help others.

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