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Debi & Dr. Rob Maldonado developed the Creative Mind Process® to help individuals consciously create the life they want in love, business, health and living their purpose.


Based on Jungian psychology and Eastern philosophy, their process assumes the individual is already whole and does not need to be fixed but only to become aware of their unlimited nature to make profound changes in their life.


Debi & Dr. Rob also founded the Academy of Jungian Spiritual Psychology, which trains coaches and executives to master the process themselves and inspire others to live their true potential.



3 Keys to Unlock Your Love DestinyIn this 2-hour class, you will:

-Understand WHY you are attracting the WRONG men
-See how just thinking positive won't work and how to access your deeper mind
-Realize that you are not broken and don't need healing and how you can shift your perception to find your own true love
-Learn how to create Conscious Chemistry® with the one who is meant for you.

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Reveal Your Money Shadow to Create Unlimited AbundanceHere’s just a taste of what you’ll learn on this special online training:

- Discover your Money Shadow that stops flow of money
- How to change your mindset around wealth
- How to do what you love and make more money
- A process to shift your money destiny based on Jungian psychology

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3 Easy Ways to Free Your Mind to Live Your PurposeAre you searching for MORE in your life? Do you have a big dream that is waiting to be fulfilled? In this class, you will be empowered to:

- To leave your comfort zone and step into your greatness
- Access your hidden gifts and talents and make them a part of your life
- Get started today to reach your dreams

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Coaches Wanted! Become Certified Life Coach.-In this Free Class, we will share:

* The six (6) essential qualities of a successful life coach
* The benefits and lifestyle of becoming a life coach
* The types of training available and how to get started in this career
* Success stories from our life coaches to inspire you about this amazing career

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Debi Berndt February 4, 2017

[VIDEO] How to Understand Your Shadow in Relationships

How to Understand Your Shadow in Relationships There are so many teachings on the Shadow (based on Jungian Psychology) and it is often given a bad rap. The shadow isn’t dark ...

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Debi Berndt February 2, 2017

How to Stop Repeating the Past and Create a New Life

Remember Bill Murray saying, “I feel like I am living the same day over and over and nothing is changing,” in the movie, Groundhog Day? Do you feel that same way in some areas ...

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Debi Berndt November 18, 2016

How to Make the Best Decisions in Love and Life

Are you constantly struggling to make the best decisions? When you are faced with making a decision, it often feels like you are in limbo.  Indecision can cause incredible ...

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