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Are you ready for a completely different approach to personal growth that gives you deeper changes without healing or therapy?

We offer a multi-sensory experience to transform your inner world so that you can find the love of your life, have a lasting relationship and live your mission and purpose with great abundance.

Hi, we are DEBI & DR. ROB MALDONADO and we developed the Creative Mind Process® based on the latest scientific research in neuroscience, Jungian psychology and Eastern philosophy. You don't need to fix yourself, you are already whole.
Take the journey you were meant to be on to truly experience your unlimited nature to make profound changes all areas of  your life.

Want to become a certified life coach? We are also founders of the Academy of Jungian Spiritual Psychology which trains coaches and executives to master the process themselves and inspire others to live their true potential.




  • REWIRING YOUR BRAIN FOR LOVE (1/1/2017) - This course explores the neuroscience of attraction and relationships. Understand how science is now affirming what the ancient wisdom has known for thousands of years about consciousness. Learn about the latest research that demonstrates the mind’s incredible ability to create your own reality, how your brain perceives others and get access to the latest mindset tools to rewire your brain to align with the love you want.
  • CREATIVE LOVE DETOX (1/2/2017) - A 4-part course to get over your ex and past heartache so that you can find true, lasting love. Includes lectures, handouts and visualizations to help you feel better and increase confidence.
  • CONSCIOUS CHEMISTRY® (1/3/2017) - 5-part course to help you work with your emotions so that you can change your default chemistry to healthier connections and Conscious Chemistry with the ONE who is meant for you. Learn about the psychology of emotions and how they impact your life and condition you to repeat the same dating patterns so you can free your mind and get the love you want.
  • ENGAGED IN A YEAR® (1/4/2017) - Our most popular, intensive signature program to help you move from ego-dating to attracting the love of your life from your divine true self. Work with your love shadow and your Inner Adam or Inner Eve to cultivate a new pattern of relating with an ideal partner.
  • LET LOVE IN (1/5/2017) - A 5-part course to help you align your mindset with finding true love. Includes lectures, handouts and visualizations to let go of anxiety around finding a partner and filling you with hope and possibility.
  • Answering the Call – Live with Passion & Purpose (1/6/2017) - Do you know your calling but are afraid to live it?You have something special to share with the world but feel STUCK in how to make this a reality. It is time for you to... Get Clear on your VISION Feel INSPIRED to live your big dreams Do what you LOVE and live abundantly
  • CREATIVE WEALTH & ABUNDANCE (1/7/2017) - This course takes you beyond simple "money manifestation" programs to actually moving beyond ego ideas about money and attachment to making money out of fear or need for security. Includes powerful visualizations to guide your unconscious mind to unlimited success.
  • MINDSET OF SUCCESS (1/8/2017) - 4-part course to help you master the mindset of success so that you can live your dreams, make more money and feel more fulfilled. Learn the ancient Yoga philosophy that helps you focus your mind and get faster results.
  • LIMITLESS LIFE (1/9/2017) - This 4-part online course will help you master your mindset to create what you want in life. Learn how to take action without attachment and hold the vision of your ideal life.
  • CREATIVE DREAM YOGA LEVEL 1 (1/11/2017) - 8-part course on how to work with your dreams. Master the art of dream interpretation based on Jungian Psychology. Learn how your dreams are helping you find love and success. Includes techniques and visualizations to help you get the most out of your dream life.
  • Creative Dream Yoga Course – Level Two (1/12/2017) - For Advanced Dream Students, this course will go deeper into Jungian Dream Interpretation focusing on archetypes and lucid dreaming. Must take Creative Dream Yoga Level 1 to participate.


  • TRANSCEND ADVANCED LIFE MASTERY (3/29/2017) - Expand your transformation beyond your personal life and into a larger mission in the world. This program is designed for advanced students who have moved past the threshold of their personal history by facing their shadow. The advanced level allows you to deepen your awareness of the individuation process through dreams, archetypes and collective unconscious and become truly self-actualized.
  • BEING IN LOVE: VIP MASTERMIND FOR ATTRACTING AN EXTRAORDINARY RELATIONSHIP (3/29/2017) - VIP Group Coaching Mastermind program for single women and men wanting to know their true self, move beyond past patterns and create an extraordinary relationship with their ideal partner. Program includes combination of classes, community and online coaching directly with Debi and Dr. Rob. Personal 1-1 Coaching Upgrade is available for this program.
  • Masters Intensive VIP Coaching (5/20/2017) - Special Limited 3-Month VIP Program to Help You Get Faster Results with a customized, private one-on-one package.


  • Creative Dreaming Retreat – Santa Fe, New Mexico (3/1/2017) - 3-Day Live Seminar with Debi and Dr. Rob to help you work with your dreams to guide you in life based on Jungian Psychology and eastern wisdom traditions. Explore new levels of you consciousness for a more expanded, creative life.
  • HEART OF LOVE – London (3/3/2017) - 2-Day Live Seminar with Debi and Dr. Rob to help you access and change your unconscious relationship patterns so that you can create Conscious Chemistry with the One! Experience visualizations and group coaching in a dynamic environment that will change you just by attending.
  • DESTINY (3/29/2017) - 3-Day Live Event to help you move beyond barriers to creating the life you want. Shift your mind to attract true love, discover your purpose and grow your business and reach your dreams.


  • LIFE COACH TRAINING – LEVEL 1 (3/29/2017) - Our basic life coach certification training gives you the tools to start working with clients in an empowering way to help them reach their goals. Emphasis is on psychology of coaching, how to use visualization and create your own effective guided visualizations for clients and the power of the unconscious mind.
  • JUNGIAN LIFE COACH TRAINING- Private Mentorship (3/29/2017) - Advanced teaching in Jungian Psychology and eastern philosophy including mastering the work with archetypes, how to facilitate spiritual retreats and teach to groups, Dream Yoga Level 2, personally transform after shadow work to become a master of your own reality in life and in service to others. Masters Training is a Private Mentoring Program directly with Debi and Dr. Rob and there are limited spots available.

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